How Can You Find a Dentist?

The Georgia Dental Association makes it easy to find a GDA member dentist in Georgia. Just use this simple search feature to find a dentist in your area.

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Your GDA Dentist

Your Georgia Dental Association dentist has chosen dentistry as a career to make a positive difference in patients’ health and well-being. They have chosen to join their professional association to stay up to date on the latest regulatory and scientific advancements, advocate for their patients with lawmakers, adhere to the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, and uphold the standards of their profession.

Tips on Selecting a Dentist for You and Your Family

Your goal is to find a professional you are comfortable visiting regularly for the long term. You want to find a dental home where you and your family receive comprehensive care and have your questions and concerns answered with respect. Ensure that you understand:

  • The business hours for the practice, including any early or late hours.
  • The office location or locations and the ease of access.
  • The education and training of the dentist and dental staff.
  • The practice’s mission and vision. How do they view dental care?
  • What type of continuing education the dentist takes and how often.
  • What services and treatments the practice offers.
  • For procedures you are considering, how many of them the doctor has completed.
  • Under what circumstances a family dentist would refer care to a dental specialist.
  • How the office handles fees and payments.
  • The office’s arrangements for dental emergencies you may have.
  • If a dentist participates in your dental health plan and what your responsibilities are under your health plan in terms of payments.
  • The office’s policy on missed appointments or changing appointment times.
  • The office’s policy on treating young children—do they allow children to be accompanied to the treatment areas?

The key is that you must be completely comfortable with the dental office, understand their philosophy on treatment and payment, easily see the cleanliness of the treatment and welcome areas, experience the professionalism of the staff, and feel that the doctor is working with you to place you and your family in optimal oral health. If you have questions, speak up and ask them. If the answers do not match your expectations, you may want to seek out another dentist. Too often, the GDA office receives calls from patients who were uncomfortable during a dental experience or visit, but called the GDA to voice concerns rather than speak directly with anyone in the office. When you find your dental home, the place where you know your oral health is in good hands, you will have made a choice that pays off for years to come.