The Georgia Mission of Mercy will be held on Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15 at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross. (Please do not call the North Atlanta Trade Center for information on this event since they are not the sponsoring agency, only the location.) Doors open at 5 a.m. on both days. Patients will be treated on a first come, first served basis; there are no appointments. You do not have to have financial documentation or identification papers to participate. However, the intent is to help those who are truly unable to pay for dental care. The primary objective is to relieve pain and suffering. There will be limited treatment services. Patients will receive ONE treatment service only so that more people can be relieved of pain and suffering.

The goals of the Georgia Mission of Mercy project are:

  • PROVIDE free access to dental care for 2,000 low- and no-income adults while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain.
  • EDUCATE patients and family members in attendance about the importance of obtaining and maintaining optimal oral health.
  • RAISE AWARENESS of the increasing difficulty low-income Georgia adults face in accessing critical dental care.
  • CHALLENGE patients, policymakers, and dental professionals to work together to improve the oral health of those who have been promised care by the state.

An affirmative vote of the Georgia Dental Association House of Delegates established GMOM in January 2010. To appropriately conduct and raise funds for GMOM, the GDA also established the 501(c)(3) charitable organization Georgia Dental Association Foundation for Oral Health, with the GMOM program as its current sole project. The Foundation was created after an affirmative vote by the GDA House of Delegates in July 2010.

After the approval of the idea of a GMOM and the establishment of a Foundation, a GMOM Task Force of volunteers led by Co-Chairs Dr. Karyn Stockwell and Jonathan Dubin worked diligently to set up a network of GMOM “leads” or volunteer leaders, secure donations and in-kind funding, secure a treatment facility in Northwest Georgia, and otherwise lay the groundwork for a successful charitable care effort.

The Foundation and Task Force works in concert with the America’s Dentists Care Foundation to conduct GMOM events. This Foundation, often called America's MOM or AMOM, was established in 2008 to make quality equipment available for MOM events. Each state that sponsors a MOM event joins AMOM for the purpose of acquiring, maintaining, and shipping the expensive dental equipment needed to host a state-run MOM event.