The Georgia Dental Association is a constituent society of the American Dental Association, the national umbrella dental organization. The ADA was established in 1859, and is the oldest and largest national dental society in the world. The ADA has grown to become the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients. Dentists may learn more about the ADA’s mission and vision, and the organization’s commitment to the public’s oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement and access to care for all Americans at

Your ADA Delegation

The Georgia Dental Association sends a delegation of dentists each year to the ADA Annual Session and House of Delegates. The GDA delegation visited San Antonio in 2014 and accomplished a tremendous amount on behalf of dental patients and the profession. To read about their work, read the article on page 20 of the November/December 2014 GDA Action (click here to read).


Georgia Presence at ADA Level

The GDA doesn’t just participate at the ADA level during the Annual Session. The ADA Board of Trustees meets regularly in Chicago at ADA headquarters, and several GDA Delegation members are active on ADA councils and committees.

The ADA Fifth Trustee is currently Dr. Red Stevens. This Alabama practitioner represents Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi on the ADA Board of Trustees. Kudos to the following Georgia dentists who take part in other ADA governance activities. Each of these councils and committees hold regular meetings and calls throughout the year. Minutes from their meetings may also be found password protected at


Dr. Carol Wolff (N), Chair
Phone (404) 237-0497

Dr. Robert Carpenter (W)
Dr. Chris Hasty (SW)
Dr. Ed Green (SW) At Large
Dr. Kara Moore (C)
Dr. Donna Thomas Moses (NW)
Dr. Annette Rainge (E)
Dr. Julie Ann Routhier (SE)
Dr. Doug Torbush (N)
Dr. Richard Weinman (N)
Dr. Carol Wolff (N)

Dr. Evis Babo (N)
Dr. Tom Broderick (SE)
Dr. Celia Dunn (E)
Dr. Jack Bickford (NW) At Large
Dr. Jonathan Dubin (N)
Dr. Jay Harrington (C) At Large
Dr. Ben Jernigan (N)
Dr. Marshall Mann (NW) At Large
Dr. Robin Reich (NW)
Dr. Bob O’Donnell (N)

Dr. Jay Phillips (C)
Dr. David Bradberry (NW)

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