District Counties

Baldwin, Bibb, Bleckley, Butts, Crawford, Crisp, Dodge, Dooly, Houston, Jasper, Johnson, Jones, Lamar, Laurens, Monroe, Montgomery, Peach, Pike, Pulaski, Putnam, Spalding, Telfair, Toombs, Treutlen, Twiggs, Upson, Wheeler, Wilcox, and Wilkinson.

2012-2013 Officers

President Dr. Michael Wright
Phone (478) 742-1218
Fax (478) 755-9679

President Elect Dr. Ched Smaha
Phone (478) 743-9331
Fax (478) 929-3382

Vice President Dr. Vin Bhasin
Phone (478) 923-0232
Fax (478) 743-7195

Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Don Benton
Phone (478) 475-1980
Fax (478) 475-5654

Editor Dr. Amy Lee
Phone (478) 757-9620
Fax (478) 757-9630

Trustee Dr. Mike Loden
Phone (478) 923-0253
Fax (478) 923-6906

Committee Members

ADA Delegation: Dr. Kara Moore, Dr. Jay Harrington; Ex Officio Dr. Jim Hall (Secretary Treasurer)
Annual Meeting: Drs. Mike and Amy Loden (Children's Program), Dr. Jim Hall (Memories Presentation),
Awards: Dr. Deena Smith
Constitution and Bylaws: Dr. John Kuo
Council on Dental Health: Dr. Shirley Fisher, Dr. Grier Godfrey (Fluoridation Liaison)
Finance: Dr. Kendrick Mathews
Forensic Dentistry: Dr. Jason Mann
GADPAC Board: Dr. Paul Fraysure, Dr. Ty Ivey
Governmental Affairs: Dr. Amber Lawson, Dr. John Bowman (Board of Dentistry Liaison), Dr. Ty Ivey
Membership Services: Dr. Jamie Mitchell
Oral Health in Institutional Settings: Dr. Grier Godfrey
Peer Review and Ethics: Dr. Greg Burns
Public Relations: Dr. Lindsay Holliday, Dr. Meighan Johnson
Recruitment and Retention: Dr. Kara Moore (Chair), Dr. Katie Garvin (member and New Dentist Liaison), Dr. Deena Smith (Necrology Coordinator)
Workforce Committee: Dr. Pinkney Gilchrist

Task Forces

Patient Protection Task Force: Dr. Ty Ivey (Chair), Dr. Jay Harrington
Medicaid Task Force: Dr. Jim Hall (Chair), Dr. Alfred Peters

Other Representatives

GDA Secretary / Treasurer: Dr. Jim Hall
Georgia Dental Insurance Services Board: Dr. John Ferguson (Chair)
Georgia Dental Holding Company Board: Dr. Jim Hall (Chair)
Fisher Dental Education Foundation Board: Dr. Paul Fraysure