Several hundred members of the Georgia Dental Association (GDA) participate in the GDA School Entry Free Oral Evaluation Program, a statewide service for children entering Georgia public schools for the first time. The State of Georgia requires students to undergo basic ear, eye, nutrition, and dental examinations regardless of the grade being entered. Preregistration varies by school district and this program is valid throughout the year.

FYI: The nutrition screening became a new requirement in 2013.
According to the Georgia Department of Health, the original Form 3300, Certificate of Ear, Eye and Dental Examinations, was revised to make it clear and easy to understand for health providers, parents and schools. Parents or guardians of children being admitted for the first time to a public school in Georgia must present the Form 3300 to school authorities.

Although parents are responsible for providing the necessary State examination form, a supply of forms for in-dental office use can be obtained from the local county health department or board of education. The revised Form 3300 maybe also be obtained by clicking this link. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this form.

The GDA distributes a listing of GDA members participating in the School Entry Free Oral Evaluation Program to all Georgia public school superintendents, county public health departments, Georgia newspapers, and Georgia television and radio stations. GDA dentists and consumers may download a list of participating GDA members by clicking this link.

GDA members should retain this list for referral purposes or as a reference guide. This list is as accurate as possible, but errors and omissions could occur. You may make photocopies of this information.

Consumers should note that this oral evaluation is not a substitute for a comprehensive examination, cleaning and / or x-rays. Dentists and staff members are encouraged to have an understanding of the rudimentary evaluation procedure and inform parents of the difference when appointments are made.

The GDA developed the following guidelines for participants in the School Entry Program:

* Examination should consist of a visual exam for hard and soft tissue pathology of the head, neck and oral cavity for gross dental problems.

* Because of possible sequelae related to rheumatic heart patients and others susceptible to bacterial endocarditis, no periodontal or other exam with scalers, explorers or other procedures which would cause soft tissue trauma should be attempted.

* Current ADA / CDC asepsis guidelines, including the use of a face shield, face masks and gloves, should be followed at all times.