Do you want learn more about dental business topics such as how to bill PPOs, discipline an employee, ask questions of prospective staff members, or protect your online reputation in three minutes or less? Use your GDA Business Briefs! These briefs are short, information-packed videos delivered via email twice a month that address business issues dentists face within their practices.

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The GDA Public Relations Committee initiated a test of the Business Brief video education service in 2012. Member dentists who have email addresses on file with the GDA office were sent a series of videos and then surveyed about their value. Of the doctors who received and viewed the videos, 84.2% of GDA members believe the Business Brief “provided added value to their membership” and 82.8% of GDA members would like to continue to receive the Business Brief emails.

As part of the Business Brief test rollout GDA members were asked about what topics they would like to see addressed by future the Business Briefs. The answers were:

+ 65.3% sought information on third party payer issues such as billing and referral gifts
+ 63.2% sought more information on practice management
+ 77.5% wanted more information on employment law issues
+ 63.2% wanted more information on regulatory compliance and record keeping
+ 65.3% sought more details on risk management in the business and clinical arenas

Using this input, the GDA is scheduling videos to be emailed to GDA members twice a month on a variety of topics. Your Association is continually searching for membership benefits that help dentists increase revenue, save money, and increase productivity. These videos have the potential to serve all three purposes by covering topics such as:

+ If I’m under contract with a PPO, should I submit claims using my full fees or PPO contracted rates?
+ What are some effective ways to build my practice?
+ Can a dentist offer gifts to encourage patients to refer friends to my practice?
+ What should I include in an employee disciplinary warning?
+ How do I develop an employee handbook?
+ What is the proper procedure to terminate an employee?
+ Does my practice need a social media policy to address personal staff accounts?
+ How do I combat negative online comments about my practice?
+ What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees?

If you do not have an email address on file with the GDA office, now is a great time to contact the GDA office and provide an email address so you don't miss your briefs! Call (800) 432-4357 or (404) 636-7553, or email Delaine Hall at