Do you want learn more about dental business topics such as how to bill PPOs, discipline an employee, ask questions of prospective staff members, or protect your online reputation in three minutes or less? Use your GDA Business Briefs!

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These briefs are short, information-packed videos that address business issues dentists face within their practices. Some of the topics covered include:

+ If I’m under contract with a PPO, should I submit claims using my full fees or PPO contracted rates?
+ What are some effective ways to build my practice?
+ Can a dentist offer gifts to encourage patients to refer friends to my practice?
+ What should I include in an employee disciplinary warning?
+ How do I develop an employee handbook?
+ What is the proper procedure to terminate an employee?
+ Does my practice need a social media policy to address personal staff accounts?
+ How do I combat negative online comments about my practice?
+ What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees?