During May and June 2014, the Georgia Dental Association is partnering with Delete Blood Cancer DKMS to host a state-wide drive to help register dental patients as potential life-saving donors. Thanks to the 95 dental offices and more than 100 GDA dentists who are volunteering as part in this campaign.

“We are proud to partner in this campaign,” said Dr. Robin Reich, GDA Public Relations Committee chair and eager Delete Blood Cancer volunteer. “Every time a GDA dentist encourages a patient to register, swab, and become a potential donor, that creates the possibility of a life being saved."

Already stories are popping up about successful dentist and patient registration connections. Dr. Richard A. Smith of Atlanta reports on one encounter:

“A patient of mine who is a young mother told me she had always wanted to become a donor but the time was never right,” said Dr. Smith. “However, she had been thinking recently the time WAS right but she just didn’t know where to go to participate. Then she came to our office! She told us this had been a long time goal of hers and she was thankful we were helping her achieve her goal.”

How the Program Works

GDA members dentists who signed up to participate in the campaign were invited to take part in an orientation and training webinar. Participating offices also received promotional materials and swab kits directly from Delete Blood Cancer to help dentists and staff educate patients on the importance of registering as a potential donor and the donation process. The target group is healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 who are at least 4’10” and weigh more than 110 pounds.

From May 1 until June 30, 2014, interested patients and other individuals are invited to fill out a Delete Blood Cancer registration form and swab the inside of their mouth onsite at participating dental offices. At the end of the campaign, dental offices will send back all registration forms, swabs, and unused materials. Delete Blood Cancer will test the swabs. All potential donors will be listed on the national bone marrow donor registry.

The GDA hopes that each participating Georgia dental office can register 10 eligible patients or staff members by June 30. That would place us very close to 1,000 registrations!

Kudos to Our GDA Volunteers

Thanks to these outstanding GDA member dentists who are volunteering to educate patients about the value of “swabbing up” and becoming potential bone marrow donors. We appreciate your community service!

Dr. Chris Adkins
Dr. Susan Alexander
Dr. Andrew Allgood
Dr. Christopher Anderson
Dr. Lindsey Anderson
Dr. Hal Arnold
Dr. Robin Ashford
Dr. Evis Babo
Dr. Scott Batterton
Dr. Matthew Benson
Dr. Henry Benson Jr.
Dr. Lou Ann Best
Dr. David Bordeaux
Dr. Bo Broadfoot
Dr. Thomas Broderick
Dr. Donald Brown
Dr. Mark Brunner
Dr. Victoria Callicutt
Dr. John Carden Jr.
Dr. Nancy Carson
Dr. Scott Carter
Dr. Steve Carter
Dr. Amy Cates
Dr. Ron Cavola
Dr. William Cline
Dr. Brook Corbett
Dr. Kristina Dawson
Dr. Amy Dayries
Dr. Christopher DeLeon
Dr. Abby Dew
Dr. Wade Diab
Dr. David Drew
Dr. Jonathan Dubin
Dr. Celia Dunn
Dr. F. Marion Durst III
Dr. Mark Dusek
Dr. Erica Greene
Dr. Suzanne Haley
Dr. Jim Hall
Dr. Stan Halpern
Dr. Janet Harrison
Dr. Daniel Hart
Dr. Ben Hawkins
Dr. Lindsay Holliday
Dr. Vivian Hudson
Dr. Frank Humphreys
Dr. Kiran Kamdar
Dr. Ed Karlin
Dr. Linda King
Dr. Ben Knaak
Dr. Amy Kuhmichel
Dr. David Kurtzman
Dr. Brett Langston
Dr. Mark Lawrence
Dr. R. Norman Lee
Dr. Jack Leverett
Dr. Elizabeth Lewis
Dr. Jason Lucas
Dr. Maureen Martin
Dr. Carmen McCaffrey
Dr. Michael McCartney
Dr. Gail McLaurin
Dr. Meigan Miller
Dr. George Mitchell
Dr. Edward Mohme
Dr. Kara Moore
Dr. William Moore
Dr. Donna Moses
Dr. Tom Moynahan
Dr. Carey Norton
Dr. Jason Oyler
Dr. Eric Park
Dr. Alex Patrick
Dr. Louvenia Rainge
Dr. Robin Reich
Dr. Garrett Sanders
Dr. Troy Schulman
Dr. John Scuba
Dr. Thomas Skafidas
Dr. Richard A. Smith
Dr. Jessanna Smith
Dr. Nancy Stewart
Dr. Karyn Stockwell
Dr. Richard Sugarman
Dr. Craig Taylor
Dr. George Thomas
Dr. Neely Thornton
Dr. William Toler
Dr. Doug Torbush
Dr. Brenda Turner
Dr. Rodrigo Uribe
Dr. Michael Vernon
Dr. John Vollenweider
Dr. Donihue Waters
Dr. Larry Webb
Dr. Richard Weinman
Dr. Erik Wells
Dr. Elaine Whitney
Dr. Carol Wolff
Dr. Steve Woodall
Dr. Barclay Woodward
Dr. Doug Worful
Dr. W. Lee Young