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GDA Action is published monthly and mailed to members, dental students at Georgia Regents University, and subscribers. A typical journal features an editorial, guest commentaries, member news, and a variety of features relevant to Georgia dentists, as well as advertising. GDA Action is an issues-driven journal that focuses on current matters affecting dentists and patients.

The GDA offers back issues of the GDA Action journal online for reference. To access an issue, click on the month. A separate window will open in your browser. If you have any questions about reading GDA Action in this format, email Delaine Hall at

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Email Newsletters

The Georgia Dental Association regularly sends emails informing member dentists about important Association news, and updates about issues affecting Georgia dentists and their patients. The GDA sends such emails to the primary email address a member dentist provides to the American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, or district. The GDA will not resell the email address you provide in this form. If you wish to receive GDA communications, please provide your name and email address to Delaine Hall at

Not sure what email address you have provided to the GDA? Please consult the online GDA Directory and Sourcebook (there is a link to a PDF directory in the section below). If you have provided an email, your membership listing will contain the email. Should you wish to change the email address the GDA maintains on file for you, please send your name and new email address to Delaine Hall at

GDA Directory and Sourcebook

The annual GDA Sourcebook and Directory contains valuable information on Association leaders, committees, and staff; Association governance documents; dental rules and regulations; and member dentists. Please email the GDA office at to request your copy of the most current directory.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this GDA publication is correct. However, if you do find an error in this publication, please call or email the GDA office with correct information at (800) 432-4357 or You are also welcome to fax a completed Information Update Form (see page 59 of the document) to the GDA office with the correct information. Please enjoy the benefits that using this GDA publication brings to you and your practice.