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GMOM 2013: The Statistics

Clinical and General Volunteers: Thanks to the 1,456 volunteers who donated their time and talents. Dentists from every GDA district participated, as well as dental residents from the GPR and Periodontal programs at Georgia Regents University. GMOM benefited from the efforts of 321 dentists, 149 dental hygienists, 234 dental assistants, 66 dental students, 56 dental lab techs, and 630 medical and / or general volunteers.

Services Provided to Patients: One GMOM goal is to provide free access to dental care for low- and no-income adults while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain. That goal was met in 2013 as 1,619 patients received care on the two clinic days of June 14 and 15. The treatments provided were:

• 458 cleanings
• 2,064 x-rays
• 1,019 fillings
• 105 root canals
• 48 crowns
• 2,277 extractions
• 181 partial / full dentures
• 1,587 oral health education presentations
• 2,236 other dental procedures

Although the GMOM 2013 was aimed at caring for adults in dire dental need, the clinic did provide care for 105 children under age 18. The youngest children received care in mobile facilities provided by Help A Child Smile of Conyers, Georgia. The youngest patient was age one. The oldest patient was age 86, and the median patient age was 40.5 years. The majority of patients, 64.52% were female. Patients traveled to Norcross from 106 Georgia towns. GMOM 2013 volunteers also saw two patients from Alabama, two from Florida, four from South Carolina, and one patient from Tennessee.

The total number of patients who visited the clinic was lower than the number from GMOM 2011. However, many people received more than one dental procedure, especially on Friday when the patient flow started slowly. The destructive storms that came through metro Atlanta Thursday night may have kept some people away early and the storm damage was a bigger news story than the clinic. However, once some calls were made to media outlets and other contacts, the lines started forming and Saturday was a very busy day.

A large majority of patients, 82.85%, reported that they currently had no insurance coverage, while 5.50% reported have Medicaid or CHIP (PeachCare for Kids) coverage. Some 4.97% of patients reported having insurance through their employer or job. Patients were not required to prove any income or coverage levels prior to receiving care. The only pre-screening performed was for medical conditions that might prevent a patient from receiving an invasive dental procedure.

Approximately 58.19% of GMOM 2013 patients reported that two or more years had elapsed since they last visited a dental office, and 20.58% of patients reported that they had not seen a dentist in at least a year. Some 33 patients reported that their visit to GMOM 2013 was the first time they had visited a dental care facility.