Georgia Mission of Mercy

The Georgia Mission of Mercy (GMOM) charitable dental clinic was held on Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15 in Norcross. Several hundred individuals received urgently needed care from several hundred dental volunteers. The GMOM leadership team is currently reviewing the dental records created at the event. If you are a patient who requires a copy of their dental record, please call the GDA office at (404) 636-7553. A staff person will take your name and mailing address, or name and email address, and you will receive a copy of your record as soon as possible.

The GMOM event will not be held again until 2015 and will be located in a different part of the state. There are several permanent charitable dental clinics within Georgia that may be able to provide limited services to individuals in need. To review a list of these clinics, please click here. This a link to a PDF document. If you cannot open the document, please email and request that a clinic list be sent to you.

Thank you to all volunteers who cared for patients at the event. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians, community volunteers, and even some individuals who received care at the clinic on the first day gave hours of their time to ensuring that individuals with urgent dental need received attention. Several elected officials, including Governor Nathan Deal, visited the event and saw first hand the impact of not having Medicaid dental benefits provided for adults in Georgia. Hopefully, this event fulfilled the goals of not only providing free access to dental care for low- and no-income adults but also educating patients about the importance of obtaining and maintaining optimal oral health and raising awareness of the increasing difficulty low-income Georgia adults face in accessing critical dental care.

GMOM Project Chair Dr. Karyn Stockwell
GMOM Project Co-Chair Dr. Jonathan Dubin
GMOM 2014 Local Chair Dr. Jimmy Cassidy
Medical Chair Dr. John Peacock
Medical Co-Chair Dr. Barry Vlass
Medical Triage Lead Dr. Lance Wiist
EMT Lead Larry Thomas
Pharmacy Co-Lead Lea Bonner
Pharmacy Co-Lead Michell Butler
Dental Triage Chair Dr. Doug Torbush
Dental Triage Co-Lead Dr. Jay Harrington
Routing Lead Dr. Sedgie Newsom
X-ray Lead Dr. Bruce Camp
Clinic Waiting Lead Dr. Mark Hastings
Patient Education Lead Dr. Jack Newman
Clinical Co-Chair Dr. Dave Lee
Clinical Co-Chair Dr. Tom Jagor
Restorative Co-Lead Dr. Henry Benson
Prosthodontics Co-Lead Dr. Donald Brown
Prosthodontics Co-Lead Dr. Brook Corbett
Pediatric Lead Dr. Rhea Haugseth
Oral Surgery Co-Lead Dr. Richard Singer
Oral Surgery Co-Lead Dr. Ken Hutchinson
Endodontics Co-Lead Dr. Max Ferguson
Endodontics Co-Lead Dr. Evis Babo
Anesthesia Lead Dr. Richard Sugarman
CAD / CAM Co-Lead Dr. Michael Chalef
CAD / CAM Co-Lead Dr. Carol Wolff
Auxiliary Chair Dr. Carol Wooden
Dental Assistants Co-Lead Dr. Brittany Hoover
Dental Assistants Co-Lead Katie Sleeper
Hygiene Co-Lead Dr. Becky Weinman
Hygiene Co-Lead Teddie Dominy, RDH
Sterilization Co-Lead Lauren Beck
Sterilization Co-Lead Lindsey Evans, RDH
Dental Student Co-Lead Dr. Carole Hanes
Dental Student Co-Lead Dr. Jane Martone
Central Supply Co-Lead Dr. Phil Durden
Central Supply Co-Lead Dr. Brian Mitchell
Lab Co-Lead Dr. David Bordeaux
Lab Co-Lead Dr. Scott Brundrett
Lab Co-Lead Jeff Paulen
Finance Chair / PR Co-Lead Dr. Richard A. Smith
Financial Donor Lead Dr. Richard Weinman
In-Kind Donor Lead Dr. Bob O'Donnell
Legislative Lead Dr. Jack Bickford
Public Relations Co-Lead Dr. Robin Reich
Facilities Chair Dr. Clayton Davis
Set Up / Tear Down Co-Lead Dr. Eddie Pafford
Set Up / Tear Down Co-Lead Dr. Roy McDonald
Security Lead Dr. David Carithers
Waste Management Lead Dr. Eric Jones
Parking Lead Dr. Slade Lail
Signs Lead Dr. Marvin Winter
Technician Lead Dr. Randy Phillips
Volunteer Chair Dr. Janine Bethea
Volunteer Registration Co-Lead Dr. Reyn Connelly
Volunteer Registration Co-Lead Dr. Michael Leingang
Patient Registration Lead Dr. Wendy Mitchell
Patient Registration (Pedo) Lead Dr. Ken Mitchell
Patient Exit Lead Dr. Annette Rainge
Office / Data Entry Lead Jon Ouzts
Patient Ambassador Co-Lead Maggie Wunderle
Patient Ambassador Co-Lead Zachary Dubin
Translator Lead Dr. Miriam Miras
Hospitality Chair Julia Davis
Hospitality Co-Chair Wendy Cassidy
Local Hotels Lead Dr. Brenda Fritz