Georgia Mission of Mercy

Thank you to the returning and new GMOM leadership team members. These volunteers are so important to the process of educating and caring for hundreds of patients. The GDA continues to seek co-leads and leads. If you are interested in working in a leadership capacity at GMOM, please email

The next GMOM event takes place June 2015 in Perry, Georgia. Please note that patients in pain or who have infections should not wait until the GMOM event to try to obtain care. Please seek care immediately.

GMOM Project State Chair Dr. Karyn Stockwell
GMOM Project State Co-Chair Dr. Jonathan Dubin
GMOM 2015 Local Chairs Dr. Jimmy Cassidy
GMOM 2015 Community Facilitator     Mrs. Wendy Cassidy
AV, IT, and Data Entry Lead Jon Ouzts (Advanced Automation)
Anesthesia Co-Lead Dr. Richard Sugarman
Anesthesia Co-Lead Dr. Vin Bhasin
Clinical Chair Dr. Tom Jagor
Dental Assistants Co-Lead Ms. Cathy Gardner
Dental Assistants Co-Lead Ms. Fabiola Montoya
Dental Hygiene Co-Lead Dr. Becky Weinman
Dental Hygiene Co-Lead Ms. Teddie Dominy, RDH
Dental Laboratory Lead Mr. Terry Fohey
Dental Student Co-Lead Dr. Carole Hanes
Dental Student Co-Lead Ms. Devona Eastman
Dental Triage Chair Dr. Jay Harrington
Dental Triage Co-Lead Dr. Richard Smith
Dental Triage Co-Lead Dr. Doug Torbush
EMT Lead Mr. Larry Thomas
Endondontics Lead Dr. Pinkney Gilchrist
Facilities Co-Chair Dr. Mike Loden
Facilities Co-Chair Dr. Don Spillers
Legislative Lead Ms. Fatimot Ladipo (GDA Staff)
Local Hotels Lead Patrice Williams (GDA Staff)
Medical Triage Lead Ms. Anita Jones
Oral Surgery Co-Lead Dr. Vincent Carey
Oral Surgery Co-Lead Dr. Mike Pruett
Patient Ambassador Lead Sister Elizabeth
Patient Education Lead Dr. Jack Newman
Patient Registration Lead DeNise Radcliff
Pediatric Lead Dr. John Ambrose
Prosthodontics Lead Dr. Jimmy Cassidy III
Public Relations Co-Chair Dr. Robin Reich
Public Relations Co-Chair Ms. Carol Galbreath (GDA Staff)
Restorative Co-Lead Dr. Henry Benson
Routing Co-Lead Dr. Celia Dunn
Routing Co-Lead Dr. Ched Smaha
Signs Co-Lead Dr. Lindsay Holliday
Signs Co-Lead Dr. Marvin Winter
Sterilization Lead Ms. Lindsay Evans, RDH
X-ray Lead Dr. Bruce Camp