Georgia Mission of Mercy

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Dental professionals and individuals interested in volunteering to work during GMOM 2015: Click the link below to fill out and submit a Volunteer Interest Form.


Potential GMOM patients! PLEASE DO NOT submit a form. Click the Information Center tab to find out about receiving care. However, PATIENTS SHOULD NOT WAIT UNTIL GMOM 2015 to receive any dental care, especially if you are in pain or have dental infection! There are several permanent charitable dental clinics within Georgia that may be able to provide limited services to individuals in need. To review a list of these clinics, please click here. This a link to a PDF document. If you cannot open the document, please email and request that a clinic list be sent to you.

Thank you to all volunteers who cared for patients in 2013. We hope you will join us again in 2015. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians, and community volunteers will be needed to ensure that individuals with urgent dental needs can receive much needed services at GMOM. This event not only provides free access to dental care for low- and no-income adults but also educates patients about the importance of obtaining and maintaining optimal oral health and raises awareness of the increasing difficulty low-income Georgia adults face in accessing critical dental care.