Georgia Mission of Mercy

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A charitable event of the magnitude of GMOM requires approximately $300,000 in financial donations and in-kind contributions. THANK YOU you to these sponsors who are supporting the 2015 GMOM event. GMOM volunteers provide $7 or more in urgent dental care for every dollar donated by these caring companies, and make good use of every donated product or service.


Thank you to our GMOM 2013 sponsors as well! You made a difference in the oral health of thousands of patients. View the GMOM 2013 sponsors on the GMOM 2013 review page by clicking here.

Thank you to all GDA member dentists who have already contributed funds for GMOM 2015! Please click here to view the names of doctors who have contributed to GMOM via their dues statements.

GOLD LEVEL ($10,000 to $19,999)   

Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (Web Site)
James M. Cox Foundation (Web Site)
People Loving People from the Heart Foundation

BRONZE LEVEL ($1,000 TO $4,999)   

ADI - Academy of Dentistry International (Web Site)
Dr. Geraldine Ferris (In Memory of Mary F. Macoul, her mother who appreciated good health
Dr. John Dickey
Terry Estes
Dr. Tradd Harter (In Honor of Friends and Colleagues)
Ms. Lynn Wentworth

National Christian Foundation (via The Chick-fil-A Giving Fund)

PATRON LEVEL ($200 TO $999)  

Affinity Bank (Web Site)
Atlanta Dental Hygienists' Society (Web Site)
3M ESPE Foundation (Web Site)
Barry E. Bennett, DMD
Dr. Bonita Richter
Jennifer S. Bragg, DMD
Laura Braswell, DDS
Lewis L. Brown, DDS
Dr. John Carey
Eric Johnson/Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta, LLC (Web Site)

Helene Prokesch (In Honor of Dr. Jonathan Dubin)
Lillian & George Rothkopf (In Honor of Dr. Jonathan Dubin)

Dr. Stanley Rye (In Honor of Friends and Colleagues)
Richard S. Shapiro, DDS (In Lieu of Holiday Gifts and in Honor of These Individuals)

Wayne E. Kerr, DDS, MAGD


Dr. Dan & Janet Dunwody
Dr. Eddie & Pam Pafford
Fred Tye, DDS, MBA (in Honor of Ms. Courtney Layfield)
Goldberg Dental Group
Julie Purcell
Ms. Karen A. Reece, RDH
Ms. Michelle Webber (In honor of Dr. Laura Braswell & Dr. Donald Brown)
Personal Dental Lab (In Memory of Mr. Dan Gealy)
Dr. Rico Short
Mrs. Robert C. Pitts
Russ & Laurie Weber (In Honor of Dr. Novy Scheinfeld
Dr. Vic and Beth Koehler
Dr. Victor & Beverly Riccardi
Ms. Yvonne Green


Dr. Don McGinty