My experience at the last GMOM was that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences in dentistry that I have had while in private practice. It kind of reminded by of being in residency, where what we concentrated on was just doing the dentistry that needed to be done and there were none of the financial or business aspects to it. You were simply using your God given talents, and hard work obtained skills to help other people. Without exception, every patient I treated was so grateful that it really made both of our days! I also brought my whole staff (and they, too, volunteered their time) and we worked an entire Saturday. Without exception, each one of my staff cannot wait to do this again. I cannot either. Consider strongly becoming involved in GMOM. You will get so much out of it and be doing such a wonderful service!
Dr. Tom Osborne, 2011 GMOM Volunteer

"My mother taught me to volunteer to give back part of your fortunes, no matter how large or small, no matter if monetary or emotional! Giving back in this way will provide the community and the people who really need dentistry, but may not be in a position to afford it right now, with a much needed health service. Dentistry is part of their overall health and we can make a big difference in the way they feel and especially the way they smile!"
Dr. Carol Wooden, Auxiliary Chair

"I am involved with the GMOM project because it is the right thing to do. As practicing dentists we have a unique talent that no one else has. The need has never been so great. This is a mission trip in our own back yard. We need to take care of our own neighbors first."
Dr. Bob O’Donnell, In-Kind Donor Lead

"At first I wasn't committed because I do so much free dentistry out my office. I visited the one in South Carolina. When I saw hundreds of people standing in line all night to get a tooth extracted, I knew I had to do more. I AM ALL IN!"
Dr. Donnie Brown, Prosthodontics Lead

"The health of our community relies on those who HAVE helping those who DON’T HAVE. It is my good fortune to be one of the helpers."
Dr. David Bordeaux, Lab Lead

"The opportunity to serve my community and fellow man has and always will be part of my DNA. What a great opportunity to give back. My blessings are many therefore I want to share my time and talents."
Dr. Jim Hutson, Security Lead, 2011

"When I first moved to this country, there were people that helped me when I needed it. Now that I am in the position to help others, I want to give the gift of smiles to help those who do not have access to care and feel like they have been forgotten."
Dr. Evis Babo, Endodontics Co-Lead

"I have done an annual mission trip to Central America with Volunteers in Dentistry, Inc. for over a decade. After I sold my practice in East Cobb and moved to Acworth I realized that volunteer dentistry was needed here in Georgia as well. It was a real eye opener for me. I'm excited about the opportunity to serve and share my gifts with others and encourage others to get involved who aren't able to travel to Central America! I am amazed by the excitement from my friends, co-workers and the community to help."
Dr. Terry O'Shea, Dental Triage Chair, 2011

"As a practicing Periodontist in North Cobb, I always wanted to give back to the great community where I work. I couldn't pass the opportunity to be personally involved in this great effort taking place literally in my backyard."
Dr. Wade Diab, AV/IT Lead

"Due to our great chosen profession we have been blessed, therefore, we should be a blessing to others. This is a great way to accomplish that obligation."
Dr. Ken Farrar, Set Up / Tear Down Co-Lead, 2011

"All of us have more than enough time and talent to do this and it's the right thing to do."
Dr. Max Ferguson, Endodontics Co-Lead

"I am volunteering for the GMOM project to help deliver dental care to a segment of the population that would otherwise not be able to receive it; and as a result, expose to our elected officials the number of Georgians that need financial assistance to get just basic care."
Dr. Becky Weinman, Hygiene Co-Lead

"It is a worthwhile cause and hopefully will establish a great tradition for our profession in this state for years to come."
Dr. Barry Vlass, Medical Lead, 2011

"It is such an honor to be a volunteer leader for GMOM. How exciting to be a part of an event that will provide dental services and pain relief to masses of underserved people in only two days. As a spouse of a dentist I know that dentists and their staff members are exceptionally kind and caring people. GMOM gives our local dental professionals the opportunity to share their compassion for people by freely giving of their talents to those who have so little."
Mrs. Julia Davis, Food/Beverage Lead, 2011

"One of the main reasons that I became a dental hygienist was to serve people in need. Because economic times seem so dismal right now, it is more important than ever for health care professionals to provide services free or at a low cost to the citizens of Georgia. I consider it a privilege to volunteer for such a worthy cause, and I want to set an example for dental hygiene students. I have had many rewards from being in the profession dental hygiene and consider this opportunity to be one of those rewards."
Cherie Rainwater, RDH, Patient Education Co-Lead, 2011

"I volunteer for the GMOM and many other dental projects in order to help serve the great number of people who are underserved dentally in our population. The reason for their plight is not a important as our obligation to meet them at their point of need and try to help them dentally and even possible give them some encouragement on how to get out of their present state that is causing their financial, physical, and possibly spiritual need. The hugs, smiles, and genuine thank you that are received are often more rewarding than the financial payment we receive in our daily practices."
Dr. John Peacock, Facilities Chair, 2011