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Worker's Compensation for Small Businesses

As Georgia small business owners, dentists must carry a Workers Compensation policy for their staff. The chances of an injury or illness occurring in a dental office are not as great as in some professions, so this coverage is reasonable.

Failing to carry adequate coverage as required by law can have two devastating effects. First, failure to acquire the workers' comp coverage does not eliminate the exposure of a liability suit from an employee. If such a suit is filed and lost, the costs will come out of the employers own assets instead of from an insurance policy. The employer is also responsible for any medical bills or disability claims arising from an incident. 

Second, Georgia does audit dentists. The state has a responsibility to make sure workers are covered and they take that responsibility very seriously. The state has always audited employers and has levied fines which can range from $500 to $5,000. 

Let Georgia Dental Insurance Services protect you, your practice, and your staff.

​You take care of your patients. 

Let us take care of you. 

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