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HIPAA Compliant Communications

iMedicor, Inc. (OTC: VMCI) is a national provider of comprehensive secure communications solutions for the healthcare community. Today, doctors cannot use the Internet to the extent that many other professionals in the business world can because of HIPAA regulations that protect the security of patients’ personal health records. We set out to understand those regulations and how they would govern the online delivery of digital medical records. We have used that information to create a compelling group of services that can be easily adopted at a reasonable cost by doctors and healthcare organizations throughout the country.

iMedicor offers doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals the use of a HIPAA-compliant solutions that addresses current Federal standards for security and Interoperability. iMedicor also serves as one of the country’s leading Meaningful Use consultants to assist doctors and dentists with conversion from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) and qualifying under Medicare and Medicaid guidelines for Federal Incentive Funding. iMedicor provides ONC certified Practice Management software coupled with a Health Information Exchange that is HIPAA-compliant and includes the national standards for interoperability between disparate EHR, HIS and HIE systems.

If you are currently transferring electronic protected health information across the internet, chances are you are not compliant with HIPAA federal standards.

Contact us today to find out more on how you can protect your practice at 888-810-7706 or for a free consultation or product demonstration.