GDIS offers professional liability through Medical Protective, backed by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway with strong financial resources and smart solutions. GDIS looks forward to working with you to obtain this valuable, well priced, and well supported coverage. Contact Georgia Dental Insurance Services for information on how to apply for coverage online. Call the GDIS team at (800) 432-4357 in Georgia, (404) 636-7553, or email


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Want to learn more about your right of consent, occurence versus claims made policies and how to choose the one right for you, and how Medical Protective can serve you in the event of a claim? Visit the custom web site that GDIS / Medical Protective created as an educational resource just for GDA members. View videos, get answers to your questions, and even apply for a coverage quote. Simply click here.

Your GDIS Coverage Includes:

Your choice of an occurrence or claims-made policy. (An occurrence policy will protect you no matter when the claim may be filed, as coverage is determined by the policy in effect at the time an event occurs resulting in a lawsuit. Claims made is an alternative to an occurrence policy which provides coverage for as long as the policy is in effect. The coverage is based upon when a claim or lawsuit is filed.)

For qualifying dentists, retroactive coverage that lets you switch insurers without buying tail coverage.

In most states, the flexibility to switch from claims-made to occurrence coverage.

On claims-made policies, free tail coverage at retirement, upon your death, or if you become disabled. (For specific age and coverage requirements regarding the free tail coverage, contact GDIS.

GDIS also offers professional liability coverage options for corporations. This coverage option would serve a policy holder in the case of a patient suing the policy holder as an individual dentist and as a corporation.