Property and Casualty Coverage

GDIS provides coverage for dentists as practicing professionals and small business owners. GDIS property and casualty coverage through The Hartford, addresses the specific concerns of the dental community. For more details, call GDIS at (800) 432-4357 or (404) 636-7553.

Coverage Description

  • General Liability Coverage with limits of $2/$4 million. Included in this coverage is a $5,000 limit on employer practices liability (which would come into play if a fired employee filed a discrimination lawsuit, for instance). A separate employer practices liability policy is available. Contact GDIS for details.
  • Business Property/Equipment Coverage covering loss or damage to 1) Property you own or use in business; 2) Operative instruments and other clerical equipment; 3) Property of others in your care; 4) Improvements you've made to an office building you rent; 5) Leased property you're contractually required to insure.
  • Office Building Coverage covering loss or damage to any office building you own, including 1) Additions you've completed to the building; 2) Permanently installed fixtures; 3) Outdoor fixtures.
  • Patient Records Coverage covering the cost to research, replace, or restore such valuable records as patient charts (including x-rays and impressions) if damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.
  • Dental Waste Disposal Coverage covering reimbursement for all necessary legal expenses in the event of a claim that you improperly disposed of dental waste.
  • Computer Systems Coverage covering physical loss or damage to computer hardware as well as the loss of data or software, which includes mechanical breakdown.
  • Exterior Glass Breakage Coverage covering the cost to replace any covered exterior glass (whether you own or rent your office building).
  • Outdoor Signs Coverage covering the cost to repair or replace your practice outdoor signage. This includes signs both attached and not attached to your building as long as they are on your premises.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage covering loss or damage to electrical or mechanical equipment due to breakdown.
  • Off-Premises Power Failure Coverage covering loss of business income if an off-premises power failure keeps you from practicing (after a 12-hour waiting period).
  • Accounts Receivable Records Coverage covering the cost to replace or restore your accounts receivable records if damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage covering the loss of money or other business property caused by any dishonest or fraudulent acts by employees. This also includes coverage for ERISA exposures.
  • Medical Expenses Coverage covering up to $10,000 in expenses if a patient injures him or herself in the dental practice.
  • Earthquakes and Floods and Sewer Backups are NOT part of the standard Property and Casualty coverage. However, these coverages are available as either separate policies (earthquake and flood) or endorsement only (sewer). Contact GDIS for information.
  • The GDIS policy also includes Income Interruption Protection. If a covered loss, such as a building fire or water damage, prevents you from operating your practice, this coverage would reimburse the dentist for actual loss of earnings for up to 12 months, with no specified limit. Extra expenses that may be necessary to restore operations, such as renting an office, are covered.