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GMOM Logo 2018

Georgia Mission of Mercy

The Georgia Dental Association Foundation for Oral Health's Georgia Mission of Mercy (GMOM) charitable initiative aims to: 

  • EDUCATE patients and their family members about the importance of optimal oral health and securing a dental home.
  • PROVIDE immediate, free dental care for 2,000 low- and no-income adults, while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain and making referrals to local dentists in their home communities.
  • RAISE AWARENESS of the barriers to available dental treatment for low-income Georgia adults.
  • CHALLENGE patients, policymakers, and dental professionals to work together to improve the oral health of all Georgians.

Volunteer at GMOM 2018

It takes over 1,000 people to make the Georgia Mission of Mercy successful. Learn more about positions below and sign up to volunteer at the 2018 GMOM.
  • Volunteer Dental/Nondental Health Professionals
  • Community Volunteers