Please consider volunteering at the Special Olympics, Special Smiles free dental screening event being held Saturday, August 22, at Gold Cup Bowling Alley in Warner Robins during the Special Olympics Masters Bowling Tournament.

WHEN: Saturday, August 22, 2015
WHERE: Gold Cup Bowling Alley, 1041 Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (lunch provided)

To volunteer, please contact:
Dr. Jonathan Dubin, Clinical Director, Special Smiles or (404) 636-2763

Thank you for your time and volunteer spirit.|
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Masters Bowling 2014
A Special Olympics, Special Smiles dental screening and education program was held in August at the Gold Cup Bowling Alley in Warner Robins. Fully 800 Special Olympics bowling competitors from across the state, as well as 200 coaches were visiting central Georgia to take part in singles, unified team, and ramp bowling competitions. As at the Special Olympics athletic competition held annually in Atlanta in May, GDA member dentists, dental staff, and students were on hand to provide these athletes with valuable dental services.

“Our great volunteers provided 203 of the participating athletes with dental screenings, fluoride applications, individualized oral hygiene instructions, and a goody bag,” said Dr. Shirley Fisher, a GDA member dentist in Warner Robins. “Taking part in this event was a great experience.”

The GDA dentists who volunteered, in addition to Dr. Fisher, were Dr. Ryan Davis, Dr. Barbara Jansen, and Dr. Sheila Shah. The dental hygienist volunteers on hand were Wendy Bloodworth, Joan Fox, Debbie Harkins, and Kelly Scruggs, and there were several volunteers from the Central Georgia Technical College dental hygiene education program. Two students from the Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine, Brandon Burleigh and Dylan Hamilton, were also on hand. Helping to coordinate the program were Special Olympics personnel Brady Brantley and Zack Hagemen.

The Special Smiles program, now in its 19th year, introduces dental professionals to individuals with intellectual disabilities so that these professionals can further understand these individuals’ needs and find ways to increase their access to dental care. GDA member Dr. Jonathan Dubin is the Special Smiles program chair. For more information on the Special Olympics, Special Smiles program, visit

Special Olympics Atlanta 2014
Happy 20th anniversary to the Special Olympics, Special Smiles program in Georgia! Thanks to the GDA dentists who devote time each summer to provide dental screenings to athletes participating the Georgia Summer Games. While dentists and dental students provide valuable screenings, dental staff members, dental hygiene students, and community volunteers provide oral health education and chart patient information.

This year, on May 31, the Special Smiles program was once again a success during the summer games held at Emory University in Atlanta. A record number of 117 volunteers, including 31 GDA dentists, reached 250 athletes. Each athlete received an oral health screening, oral hygiene home care instruction, and nutrition counseling. Certain athletes also received fluoride treatments, sealants, and sports mouth guards as their situations required.

“This event not only benefits the athletes, but helps our Georgia dental professionals become more accustomed to caring for those individuals with special needs,” said Special Smiles Program Chairman Dr. Jonathan Dubin.

Dr. Dubin thanks The Atlanta Braves for providing game tickets as volunteer door prizes, Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for providing lunch for the volunteers, and MainStreet Financial for providing breakfast for volunteers.

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Dr. Rodney Baier
Dr. Henry Benson
Dr. Craig Blatt
Dr. Jayni Bradley
Dr. Monica Chana
Dr. Jamey Chang
Dr. Meredith Dempsey
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Dr. Jonathan Dubin
Dr. Angelia Fambro
Dr. Max Ferguson
Dr. Jim Goettl
Dr. Dan Hodges
Dr. Brittany Hoover
Dr. Kris Jorgensen
Dr. Wayne Kerr
Dr. Kim Kozloski
Dr. Charles Lee
Dr. Michael Minyard
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