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Georgia Coronavirus Deaths Reach 1,000 Amid Reopening Effort

Today (4/28) Associated Press posted an article, Georgia Coronavirus Deaths Reach 1,000 Amid Openings. The article reports on coronavirus in Georgia and the impact Gov. Kemp’s order may have on the state, noting the order allows for resumption of elective procedures such as dental cleanings among others.

GDA member Dr. Peter Shatz, chair of GDA’s Innovation Task Force, did an excellent job instilling consumer confidence in visiting the dentist by relaying a key message that dentals offices have always followed the highest standards of disinfection and sterile techniques. The quote below appears in the article: 

Dr. Peter Shatz, chairman of the Georgia Dental Association’s innovation task force, said the practices where he works are screening patients by phone before they enter the office and checking their temperatures before putting them in the dentist’s chair.

Dentists and hygienists already wore gloves, masks and sometimes face shields. Shatz said now they will wear disposable gowns, plus surgical caps and shoe coverings.

“A restaurant is a little bit different than a dental practice where we can control the flow of patients,” Shatz said. “We have certain advantages over other businesses because we are good at keeping things clean.”

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