A Message from Medical Protective

MedPro is committed to serving their customers and distribution partners in both favorable conditions and through challenging times. At a time when the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is generating concerns and questions, MedPro remains steadfast in their mission to support their customers with peace of mind, expertise and choice. For additional MedPro resources, please click the link below.




The responses below are intended to apply for circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and are subject to revision as circumstances evolve.
  • What if my practice is being temporarily/indefinitely suspended due to COVID-19 developments?
  • What if my practice/business remains open but is being temporarily reduced in hours/volumes due to COVID-19 developments?

For both of these changes, there is no need to contact MedPro until you return to practice as the calculation and refunds of premium changes will occur after your Leave of Absence/Part-Time period ends. 

Please contact your GDIS representative at 770-395-0224 if you have any questions.