DCG Emergency Clinic Operations

Faculty, residents, students, and staff,

Tomorrow the DCG will open a limited services emergency clinic. The clinic will be limited to patients who are experiencing the following symptoms AND are patients of record at the DCG:

1. Swelling from orofacial infection,

2. Blunt force dental trauma (avulsion of a permanent tooth, facial fracture, etc),

3. Limited jaw opening from a dental infection, and

4. Bleeding from the oral cavity. 

We do understand that there will be patients who do not fall into these categories who are seeking care. While we would like to accommodate them, we are unable to at this time due to a shortage of needed supplies.  We are working to expand our services. 

Patient Services staff will serve as the triage center for emergency patients. Students should encourage their patient that may be experiencing the above symptoms to call …

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult and uncertain times!