Coronal Polishing for Dental Assistants

This eight-hour course will meet the educational requirements for certification for Georgia and is designed to satisfy the Georgia Board of Dentistry’s educational requirements for dental auxiliary personnel who will qualify for certification in coronal polishing under a dentist’s direct supervision. This is the first course approved by the Georgia Board of Dentistry for coronal polishing, and it consists of both didactic and practical components. 
Classroom Learning via Webinar
The classroom learning for coronal polishing is now be available online via recorded webinar. After viewing the webinars we will send you a link to the exam for each course completed. After passing the exam for each course, the registrant will then be eligible to register for an appointment to meet with an instructor to take the clinical applications course.

Clinical Applications
All registrants must meet with a GDA-approved clinical instructor in-person (not available virtually) and pass the clinical applications in order to receive a certificate of completion. Clinical courses will be available by appointment only so that we may maintain social distancing throughout the appointment. After passing the classroom learning each registrant will be given the name and phone number of the person scheduling clinical application appointments. As in the past, we will hold courses in Columbus and Athens, but most clinical courses will be held in the Atlanta area, and some travel may be required for course completion. Should we have enough registrants from a specific practice or area we may be able to schedule a course at your location. Please contact Scott Piper at 404-636-7553 for more information.

Steps to Earning Coronal Polishing Certification
1. Register online for Coronal Polishing virtual learning webinar. Once you have registered you will receive an email with links to the webinars purchased.
2. View webinar (only registrants that have completed each webinar in its entirety will be eligible to take the exam)
3. Quiz - After completing the webinars, contact Sheila Watson at 404-636-7553 or for the quiz for each section.
4. Schedule an appointment to meet in-person with a GDA-approved Coronal Polishing instructor. 

To be eligible to attend the GDA Coronal Polishing Program the dental assistant must meet one of the following criteria:

1)    Be a graduate of a one (1) year accredited dental assisting program or a dental assisting program approved by the Board, or
2)    Have been employed as a chair side assistant by a licensed dentist for a continuous ​​twelve (12) month period within the previous three (3) years.  

In Addition, the candidate must have a high school diploma, or the equivalent thereof and proof of current CPR certification. Courses are offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Registration closes when a course reaches capacity OR one ​week to course date – whichever comes first. (This is to allow the assistant to become familiar with the course study guides and gather all required clinical materials.)

If you have questions regarding ​coronal polishing, please contact Scott Piper 404-636-7553 or 

Course Overview
This program offers 8 hours of clinical and didactic education required by the Georgia Board of Dentistry for certification in coronal polishing. This course will include:

  • Oral anatomy
  • Tooth morphology
  • Indications, contraindications, risks and complications for coronal polishing
  • Ethics and jurisprudence relating to coronal polishing
  • Indications for professionally applied topical fluoride agents for caries prevention
  • Fluoride delivery methods

The laboratory and clinical activity will include:

  • Training in using a slow-speed hand piece
  • Principles of coronal polishing
  • Operator & patient positioning/ergonomics
  • Polishing coronal surfaces of teeth, preferred polishing technique, polishing agents
  • Coronal polish on typodonts
  • Coronal polish on partner and practical with disclosing solution


  • State the effect polishing has on the patient, oral environment, teeth, and gingival tissues
  • Identify indications for polishing the teeth
  • Understand the definition of plaque, types of stain, calculus, and related terminology
  • Discuss contraindications for polishing the teeth
  • Distinguish between abrasion, abrasive, and polishing
  • Understand dental armamentarium - the equipment and instruments used in the delivery of dental care
  • Identify abrasive polishing agents commonly used in coronal polishing
  • Determine how particle size/shape, speed, and pressure affect abrasiveness
  • Recognize different abrasive agents
  • Demonstrate use of a slow speed hand piece and prophylaxis angle on a partner in clinic
  • Define cumulative trauma disorders and explain how the dental assistant might prevent such injuries
$265 for dental assistants working for a GDA member dentist
$350 for all others
  • Georgia Board of Dentistry Policy on Coronal Polishing
  • GDA Cancellation and Refund Policy

2023 GDA Expanded Duties and Coronal Polishing Skills Assessment Calendar

February 18 - Atlanta
April 15 - Columbus
June 3 - Athens
August 19 - Fayetteville
September 23 - Atlanta
November 4 - Columbus
December 2 - Atlanta
For more information on ​Coronal Polishing classes, contact us.