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Navigating Omicron - Tips for thriving in the COVID-19 era

This webinar aired Thursday, January 13, 2022. If you missed it click the link below to view a recording.

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There are more COVID-19 cases than ever before - more than twice as many cases in the U.S. than at any point in the pandemic, and many experts believe we are not yet at the Omicron peak. The volume of cases is bound to impact you, your staff and your practice. The pandemic has taught us that adaptation is key in managing in a pandemic. What will be your next adaptation? How will you respond to today's pandemic wave?

In this one-hour webinar three experts will look at Omicron and its potential to impact your practice. Dr. Margaret Scarlett, an infectious disease expert, will examine how Omicron is different and make recommendations to minimize the risk to you, your staff and your patients. Stuart Oberman, a dental legal expert, will examine all the legal implications including employment law considerations. Dental practice management consultant Larry Guzzardo will provide tips for successfully navigating the impact the spike in cases will have on scheduling, including patient cancellations and staffing shortages.

In a pandemic knowledge is power. This webinar will help you evaluate risk and emerge with a successful prevention strategy that will help you thrive despite all the pandemic challenges. Please join us.


Meet Our Experts

Dr. Margaret Scarlett is a practicing dentist, and an infectious and chronic disease expert. She is retired fromMargaret Scarlett the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after more than 20 years, where she provided consultations on Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and vaccine preventable diseases. She is the author of CDC's first infection control guidance in 1986. Dr. Scarlett currently leads a small business consulting company to improve overall health and oral health outcomes through data.   

Stuart J. Oberman is the founder and President of Oberman Law Firm, a mid-size law firm with locations in theStuart Oberman Atlanta area. Mr. Oberman, who has been practicing law for over 23 years, represents clients in a wide range of practice areas, including corporate law, employment law, health care law, fashion law, intellectual property, and estate planning. In the area of health care law Mr. Oberman is considered a foremost authority and is a frequent lecturer and contributor to industry publications regarding legal issues facing the health care profession, including HIPAA compliance, employment law, Management Service Organizations, mergers and acquisitions, and cyber security.

Larry M. Guzzardo who has co-authored two books, “Powerful Practice” and “Getting Things Done”Larry Guzzardo conducts in-office practice management consultations exclusively for dentists to enhance trust, create organization, increase profits, and the development of patient relationships that last. Larry has presented numerous workshops including, “Winning Patient Acceptance,” “Business Communication Systems,” and “The Leadership Challenge.” For more information call 404-852-0530 or

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