Welcome to the Next Chapter of Your Dental Career!

Congratulations, graduate! You’ve worked tirelessly to master the art of dentistry, and now, the world of opportunities awaits you. As you stand at this pivotal moment, ready to make your mark, the Georgia Dental Association (GDA) invites you to Update Your Status and join a community that’s as dedicated to your growth and success as you are.

With the GDA, you're not just practicing dentistry; you're defining it.

Embark on Your Journey: Your journey in dentistry is uniquely yours, but you're not alone. The GDA is your steadfast partner, providing the support, resources, and community you need to navigate the waters of your new profession with confidence. But first, we need to know your status!

Check Your Status


Step 1: Find Your Profile

You’ll need your ADA number, which can be found in the Signing Day email from the GDA. Use this number to find your profile. You’ll have the opportunity to update your contact and demographic information. Make sure to share whether you'll be practicing in or outside of Georgia or going on to a residency program.

Find Your Profile

Step 2: Pick Up Your Composite Photo and ADA Chairside Guide

Step 3: Your Top Priorities