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Because I Saw My Dentist Campaign Nominations Due

Share your patient stories in our statewide public relations campaign Because I Saw My Dentist.
You gave us your moving patient stories for the first phase of the "Because I Saw My Dentist" statewide PR campaign ( Now we want to share stories of how work done by dentists changes lives for the better. Complete our nomination form and return it to Carol Galbreath by November 8, 2016. 

• Did work done in your office free someone of pain that held them back?
• Has dental work helped a patient gain employment or advance their career?
• Did restoring a missing tooth give someone the confidence to succeed in an area of their life that they would not have otherwise?
• Has a child been able to better focus in school or improve attendance after a dental issue was addressed?

Fax this form to Carol Galbreath at 404-633-3943 by Nov. 8 or call 404-636-7553, ext. 119 with the nomination information.

DownloadBISMD Patient Nomination Form (PDF)