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Longterm GDA Partner Honored

GDA Partner Harris Gignilliat Honored for Investment Expertise and Guidance
After partnering with the GDA for over 15 years, Harris Gignilliat is often considered the closest thing to a dental professional that a financial advisor can be. This is, of course, without ever practicing dentistry.

Harris was born in Gainesville, Georgia, with his father's small mouth and his mother's large teeth. As a result, his first auto-tightening retainer came at age six. That quickly evolved into five rounds of braces that culminated with orthognathic surgery two days after his senior prom. In the span of 12 years, Harris had been treated by almost every type of dental professional. But, he is quick to mention that dentistry has had a profound positive impact on his life. Prior to his surgery, you cannot find a picture where Harris is smiling. But that has changed and as dentistry has continued to be a part of his life, Harris now sees his relationships with dentists as equally personal and professional.

Harris and the Wile Consulting Group have partnered with more than 250 individual dentists, providing them with retirement plan, wealth management, and financial planning assistance. Their team has executed more financial plans for dentists than any other team in Georgia and has established an unrivaled understanding on how to provide service to dentists. They have also created a network of professionals who specialize in helping dentists outside of financial services.

When Harris first started working with the GDA, he was relatively new to the financial services industry. Since then, Harris has earned both the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) & Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS®) certifications. These industry designations are awarded to individuals who complete rigorous course work, examinations, and continuing education. Coupled with his earned certifications, Harris has been recognized individually and as part of his team in several independent rankings, including two just this year: Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors (2015), Barron's Top Institutional Consultants (2015-2016), Financial Times 401 Top Retirement Plan Advisors, and PLANADVISER's Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers (2012-2016).

Harris's passion for the dental profession can be seen with his involvement educating dental students. He serves as an adjunct professor at Augusta University and lectures at The University of Alabama Birmingham. After years of interacting with dental professionals, Harris found that basic financial guidance is not commonly offered to dental students prior to graduation and now lends his knowledge probono to future dentists.

Your financial health is important, and who you work with matters. The GDA can attest to the Wile Consulting Group's expertise as they have managed the GDA's own retirement plan for 13 years. The Wile Consulting Group offers their financial planning services to GDA members at no cost. They have also created a retirement plan for dental practices at a group discount that is exclusive to members as well.

But most of all, Harris acknowledges that the work he does for the GDA is nothing more than a payback for the work that the dental profession has done for him and his family. As a result, the GDA has benefited greatly from this long-standing partnership and encourages members to take advantage of the resources available to them through Harris and the Wile Consulting Group at UBS.

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