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GDAlert: A Message from Frank J. Capaldo

Two exceptional member benefits announced

What has my GDA done for me lately?

Good question!

New Terms, New Savings

The GDA group supply purchasing program will launch on December 16!  How's that for a great holiday gift and start to your new year!

Remember you only pay your buying group membership fee for two years to be a lifetime member.

  • If you have paid $1,000 as a membership fee to join the Integrity Dental Buyers Group, you are paid in full.
  • If you were paying $100 a month to join IDBG and have paid $600, you are paid in full until January 2018. At that time, you will be invoiced $50 per month for 12 months. Once those membership fees have been collected you are paid in full.

These new terms represent a 50% savings over the prior plan.

Program details include:

  • An average discount of 30%+ on all supplies
  • A one-stop, easy to use online portal to order all of your supplies (fax or telephone orders are available)
  • One invoice
  • Direct ship to you with free two-day delivery
  • No middle man suppliers
  • Statewide equipment servicing by independent qualified and experienced service specialists
  • 10% discount on hourly service call charges
  • No gray market products
  • Your frequently ordered items can be pre-populated, and the system will remember your ordering history, enabling quick "just in time" delivery to preserve your cash and storage space. 
Look for more details in the coming weeks.

What else has your GDA done for you lately?

Another good question!

Your GDA Group Health Insurance Plans will have the lowest rate increase since the inception of the Affordable Care Act! 

Throughout the rest of the country, premiums are increasing at an average rate of 25%. In Georgia, increases are even higher, averaging 32% and as much as 50%.  However, your GDA Health insurance plan will see a minimal average increase of 6% and one plan will actually cost less than last year.

How is that possible? Simple! The same way that purchasing supplies as one group works to reduce prices, negotiating as one group for health insurance can accomplish better results for the group than as an individual.

REMEMBER: GDA Group Health Insurance Plans are so rich in benefits that others cannot compare benefit for benefit.

GDA plans are what are called "Broad Provider" networks, so your doctor likely will be in the network. Having a broad network also means you won't be surprised with a huge bill after an emergency room visit, or have to drive hours to find a specialist in your plan. 

Plans for 2017 also include:

  • No medical enrollment questionnaire
  • Rate guaranteed for one year -- no surprise increases
  • Access to personal agents for attentive, high quality customer service

Learn more about our plans online. Open enrollment for your family and staff is available through December 9, 2016.

GDA members get more, and we're excited to bring even more value to your membership!