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GDA Plus+ Supplies: Real, Tangible Benefits that Save You Money

An exciting new program launches December 16th.

loud and clear

Everything is going up these days: competition is up, labor costs are up, and expenses are always going up.

 It's frustrating, and we hear you. 

We have something that's going up, too: Benefits for Georgia Dental Association members. 

That's good news that will give you a better bottom line. 

Want to save an average of 30%+ on dental supplies? Sign up for GDA Plus+ Supplies and get more. 

Learn more at & sign up for a free webinar demo on December 12.

What you should know:

  • An average discount of 30%+ on all supplies
  • A one-stop, easy to use online portal to order all of your supplies (fax or telephone orders are available)
  • One invoice
  • Direct ship to you with free two-day delivery on most items
  • No middle man suppliers
  • Statewide equipment servicing by independent qualified and experienced service specialists
  • 10% discount on hourly service call charges
  • No gray market products
  • Your frequently ordered items can be pre-populated, and the system will remember your ordering history, enabling quick "just in time" delivery to preserve your cash and storage space. 

GDA Plus+ Supplies goes live on December 16. Make sure you don't miss it.

Sign Up & Save