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Members like you are switching to GDIS

Learn why members are switching to GDA group health plans.
With so much uncertainty surrounding the 2017 Health Care Exchange, we know your coverage decisions this year are complicated.
Our Georgia Dental Insurance Services team can provide competitive health coverage for you -- with no surprise increasesno mid-year cancellationsno health screenings, and attentive customer service

This year, take advantage of our in-house agency, run by a board made up of dentists and dedicated to serving GDA members.

Learn more about our plans online, view a recording of our free webinar, or read our Frequently Asked Questions online - and access your 2017 enrollment form.

Members like you are switching to GDIS 

Christy Biddy, your Medical Benefits Coordinator, talks with members around the state about their insurance needs every day. "I've been hearing from a lot of dentists who are losing their plans because of insurers leaving the exchange, and need to find new coverage," she says. Here are a few examples:
  • Loss of plan: One member and his wife shared that in 2015, they left GDA's group coverage for a new plan, and a year later it was cancelled. They found a new provider, and again - one year later, their plan was cancelled. 
  • Mid-year cancellations: This fall, another member learned a plan was cancelled on her birthday, before its annual renewal. 
  • Health history coverage limitations: Still another GDA member was denied coverage for a surgery in 2015 due to health history disclosures - something our plans don't require. 
  • Impersonal lack of communication: One member's family wasn't even informed about a plan cancellation - they found out as they were at a doctor's appointment for their child.

But, we're also hearing good news

At the recent EDDS Legislative Reception, one member dentist told Christy GDA had saved him money on his health plan, which he joined this year. 

Each of these members are considering GDA health plans or have switched because we can offer stability and service they can't find in their current individual plans.

Enroll Before December 9 

Our group health plans are a huge member benefit this year - make sure to contact our team with any questions before the enrollment period ends on December 9. 

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