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Why You're a Part of GDA: Members Share

What do dentists like you say about their experience as a member of the Georgia Dental Association?

Each year, the benefits of GDA membership grow – exclusive discounts from quality brands, an insurance agency dedicated solely to serving GDA members, statewide news coverage, and strong legislative work. Because of ​its value, being a member of the Georgia Dental Association is one of the most important investments you can make ​in 2017. 

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But what do dentists like you say about their experience as a member of the Georgia Dental Association? What keeps thousands of Georgia dentists engaged year after year?

GDA members weighed in, and common threads quickly emerged

“I enjoy the political process and feel it’s important to have a say in the way I am allowed to practice. It’s our job to educate legislators to protect our profession and patients.” Dr. Lewis Petree, EDDS

“I believe that participation in a strong ADA and GDA is important; without these organizations, dentistry could become like medicine, and we will become employees of insurance companies.” Dr. Jeff Cox, SWDDS

“We have a core group of people who always show up to the meetings and are highly involved in the process. They have a true passion for dentistry, and that’s refreshing to see.” Dr. Steven Berwitz, SEDDS

“I wanted to become involved to make a difference, and to be a part of what makes our profession great.” Dr. Rene Roberts, WDDS

“I think dentistry is always changing, and we need to stop being on the sidelines and get in the game to change things or keep dentistry as we want it.” Dr. Jamie Mitchell, CDDS

“I believe it is important to stay plugged in to organized dentistry to keep your finger on the pulse of our profession.” Dr. David Drew, NWDDS

“I first learned about the GDA in dental school. I believe it is every dentist’s duty to be informed and to participate so that we can maintain and improve the business and legal sides of our profession.” Dr. Marianna Kovitch, NDDS

“It’s important for the health of our profession that as many dentists as possible – especially young dentists – are active in GDA. There are many issues facing dentistry today, and being active in organized dentistry gives dentists a voice in the decisions affecting dentistry. Without strong advocates for our profession, it can be prone to outside interests and changes that are detrimental to its honor and integrity – as well as our core mission of caring for our patients.” Dr. Richard Raymond, NDDS

“Over the years, I have enjoyed getting to know the dentists in Georgia, and I feel like I can call the GDA office any time I have questions! Unlike the medical community, dentistry is a close-knit family that helps and supports its members. I’ve developed professional relationships and friendships that include generations, thanks to my membership, and I also appreciate the convenient, affordable CE courses.” Dr. Laura Braswell, NDDS

“We have a group that attends the annual convention every year – it’s a great dental school reunion! GDA membership also provides valuable resources that can help you succeed as a dentist and a small business owner.” Dr. Paul Trotter, EDDS