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Protect Your Property This Season

Make sure you're protected from these winter hazards. Tips from GDIS partner The Hartford.

Tips from Georgia Dental Insurance Services Partner The Hartford

For those of us living in the Northeast or Midwest, winter is officially here. As I think about lessons learned from prior, prolonged cold events (e.g. the dreaded "polar vortex"), my mind immediately goes to pipe bursts and slip and falls.

pipes thumb hartfordPipe bursts

Our research indicates frozen pipes cause some of the most common and costliest cold weather claims (>$18K, on average). However, we've learned that the risk of pipe bursts can increase around the holidays. Whether a school whose students leave for the break (and leave windows open) or a business that slows down for a couple days around the holidays, we've seen some very disruptive losses when pipes freeze and water flows – sometimes for days before being noticed. As you might guess, ensuring adequate heat and monitoring facilities are important keys to avoiding these losses; however, we thought sharing a more complete list to avoid winter claim pitfalls would be helpful.

slips thumb hartfordSlip and falls

Slip and fall accidents can be very costly for any business, whether they involve your employees or someone else legally on your premises. Each year these accidents result in thousands of workers' compensation or third party liability claims. In fact, in 2015, slip and falls accounted for 28% of our workers' compensation and 39% of our general liability claims.

For much of the country, this risk increases substantially with the winter weather season. What can you do to prevent these expensive claims? We've got a checklist for this as well, which includes: 
 • Treat all exterior areas where you expect to have pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic. Once and done is not sufficient — inspect and treat areas of potential hazard frequently. • Make certain the property has ample lighting during the shorter daylight hours of winter.

We hope these reminders help you prevail against whatever this winter has in store. If and when you need us, your in-house team at Georgia Dental Insurance Services is ready to assist, and provide the personal, attentive service you deserve.