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GDA Membership: $640,460+ Value

It's time to renew! Take a look at the value GDA membership offers.

Thank you for your dedicated support of your GDA! As a member, you know first-hand that one of the smartest investments you can make as a dentist in Georgia is to be a member of the Georgia Dental Association. To that end, it is time to renew your GDA membership. GDA dues will not increase in 2017 so please take a few minutes to renew. ​If you haven't yet received your 2017 dues statement, contact us, or make it easy and renew online.

Renew Online

Making the decision to renew every year means you value belonging to an organization that works diligently to help you succeed in your profession. As a member of the Georgia Dental Association you are part of a group of professionals who all have the same passion – dentistry. You may also be looking for ways to share your experiences, learn best practices, keep abreast of issues facing the profession, effect positive change for not only you but for your patients, and save money on services. As a GDA member we can help you do all these things – and more!

Take a look at this report from the Executive Director on the GDA’s accomplishments on your behalf in 2016 as well as priorities for 2017. Or, consider just five of many priceless reasons why you should renew your membership today:

  1. 3 in 1: When you renew, you continue to be a member of the ADA, GDA and your local district
  2. Save money: Group health insurance, business insurances, retirement benefits, exclusive cost saving products with endorsed partners, and our newest group purchasing member benefit, GDA Plus+ Supplies!
  3. Stay informed: Receive print publications like GDA Action and JADA, as well as electronic newsletters and bulletins
  4. Advocacy: Protecting and representing the profession, our voice is heard and respected, making us the leading oral health authority in Georgia
  5. Belong: Continue to be part of a community developed specifically for you

All of the above and more creates VALUE for you to quantify and yes, justify why you pay dues. In an effort to demonstrate the value proposition of your membership, which continues to grow year after year, we've created this infographic.

We look forward to counting you among the other 3,300+ dentists who proudly call themselves members of the Georgia Dental Association. Renew today at, and continue to receive all the benefits of membership.

Remember, “We are Better Together.”

2016 infographic low res