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Members Get More: Real Savings of 35% for One GDA Member

See how GDA Plus+ Supplies is saving one member 35%
Parikh testimonial supplies

After only a couple months, GDA members are experiencing remarkable savings with GDA Plus+ Supplies. One happy customer shared his experience with us—along with actual savings from his first two orders so you can see exactly how much his practice saved. Noted in orange, only two products were a minimally lower cost at Dr. Parikh’s previous supplier.

For the two orders Dr. Parikh shared, the practice ordered a total of $4,223.35 in supplies at; these products would have cost $6,521.87 at Dr. Parikh's previous supplier. That's a savings of 35% (or $2,298.52) - even higher than the average of 30%+ that we've promised.

This price comparison was completed by the office of Dr. Uday Parikh and includes their estimate of the price for the same orders at Dr. Parikh’s previous national supplier. Every effort has been made to ensure this list accurately reflects item codes and prices available through GDA Plus+ Supplies; however, for the most up-to-date information, please refer to pricing information on

From Dr. Parikh: 

“We are very happy with GDA Plus+ Supplies. Where were you for the last ten years? I would have saved so much and improved our bottom line. Just in our first month, we have saved over $2,300 in supplies. Our GDA membership just became free!

"In January, we placed two orders for a total of around $4,250. By estimating the costs at our previous supplier, we calculated that we would have spent a little over $6,500 for the same items... that is a savings of around 30%!

"The website is very easy to navigate and the GDA Plus+ Supplies customer support staff has done the hard work of pre-loading our supply list into the system. That makes ordering a breeze. So far, it takes around 2 to 3 days for supplies to come in, a little longer than my previous supplier, but I can live with that thanks to the huge cost savings.

"When we have any questions, customer service is very approachable and eager to help. Returns are easy, too, and a special thank you for the samples for us to try on some of the items that are new to us.

"Joining GDA Plus+ Supplies is a no brainer!”

Download Dr. Parikh's first order comparisons to see his results for just one month from GDA Plus+ Supplies.

Order Comparison from Dr. Uday Parikh (PDF)
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