Members Get More: Real Savings of 30% for One GDA Member

See how GDA Plus+ Supplies is saving one member 30%
dr lewis petreeAfter only five and a half months, 453 members have joined and placed 2,380 orders totaling $1,129,161. One happy customer, Dr. Lewis Petree from the Eastern District, shared his experience with us—along with actual savings from his April 19 order so you can see exactly how much his practice saved.

This price comparison was completed by the office of Dr. ​Lewis Petree and includes their estimate of the price for the same orders at Dr. Petree's previous national supplier. Every effort has been made to ensure this list accurately reflects item codes and prices available through GDA Plus+ Supplies; however, for the most up-to-date information, please refer to pricing information on

From Dr. ​Petree: 

“My assistant, who does all of my ordering, gathered information for me on a recent order we placed with GDA Plus+ Supplies. She also compared it to my typical order from a national supplier.

"Our comparison revealed the 30% savings advertised!

"The turnaround on the order was 4–5 days, but according to my assistant, that is now down to 2–3 days, depending on the shipping location.

" is easy to use, and my assistant says she uses the “chat” feature often. Overall, we’re pleased!"

Download Dr. ​Petree's order comparison to see his results for just one month from GDA Plus+ Supplies.

Order Comparison from Dr. Lewis Petree (PDF)
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