GDA Member Helps Community by Donating Dental Treatment

“You have nothing to lose but you and your community have so much to gain!” – Dr. Kara Moore

Dr Kara More DDSStella is a spry 80-year-old woman who enjoys spending time with her Chihuahua and helping her son and daughter-in-law with household chores. Stella is in relatively good health and is able to get around with little assistance. She had one major health concern: she hadn’t seen a dentist in 15 years. With only six teeth left in her mouth, she was in pain from swollen gums and was unable eat the types of food she needed to stay healthy.

Stella submitted an application and waited patiently to become a patient in Dental Lifeline Network • Georgia’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. The program helps people like Stella who are elderly, have a disability or are medically fragile and it is operated in partnership with the Georgia Dental Association. Once Stella was accepted, she was matched with DLN • GA Leadership Council member and DDS volunteer Dr. Kara Moore. (Pictured: Dr. Kara Moore, Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer and patient Stella are all smiles after completing long-awaited dental treatment.)

“Stella was such a wonderful patient. She is exactly the type of patient we are striving to help,” said Dr. Moore upon meeting Stella.

The treatment plan developed by Dr. Moore involved extractions and full upper and lower dentures for Stella. With the help of DDS volunteer Moore and Macon Dental Lab, Stella was set up to get her smile back!

DLN • GA was established in 2016, with the endorsement and financial support of the Georgia Dental Association and has served more than 150 patients thanks to 120 volunteer dentists and 49 volunteer labs.

“DDS helps people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically compromised and can’t afford help. There is no better way to give back to these vulnerable people in Georgia and in your community than through DDS,” said Dr. Richard Weinman, DLN • GA Leadership Council chairman.  “Seeing the lives that are transformed is not only personally rewarding, but your staff will also enjoy the experience,” Weinman added.

Stella is just one example of DDS patients in Georgia who need help with their dental needs. Join other Georgia DDS volunteers to help people who have no access to dental care. More than 340 people statewide are waiting for treatment and DDS is not able to take more applications because of the long waitlist. You can help by treating one patient per year or as many as you choose. 

“There are a lot of needy people out there. By signing up with DDS it’s easy for dentists to find someone who was truly unable to afford any care. They did the leg work, all I had to do was show compassion and render care,” Dr. Moore added.

Volunteering for DLN is easy:

  • Patients are prescreened
  • You may review the patient profile in advance and choose to see or decline any patient
  • You determine your own treatment plan
  • See patients in your office, on your schedule
  • Never pay any lab costs (dental laboratories volunteer too)
  • There will be no extra paperwork for you or your staff

Georgia DDS Program Coordinator Martha LaGrone, screens patients to determine eligibility, coordinates involvement with specialists and laboratories, and serves as a liaison between dental practice staff, laboratories and the patient.

Dental Lifeline Network • Georgia is part of a national organization, Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association. DLN serves patients in all 50 U.S. state through more than 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,700 laboratories. For more information, visit

“Special thanks to the generous volunteer dentists and labs who already volunteer with the program. The more dentists that volunteer, the more people DDS can help,” Dr. Weinman recognizing dentists and labs who donate their time and talent in Georgia.

To volunteer, contact Martha at or visit