Meet GDA’s New District Presidents: Dr. Troy Schulman

This series introduces the seven district presidents who were installed on July 23, 2017.

Dr Troy SchulmanDr. Troy Schulman
Northern District

At Home: I was born in New Orleans and raised in Shreveport. I have been married to my wife Robanne for 18 years. We have two kids, Kennedy, 13, and Easton, 5. We also have a dog named Bolt.

Volunteer and Leisure Activities: With small kids it’s hard to make time, but I enjoy fishing, golfing, and tennis. I love to travel back to Louisiana with my family, also I am known for cooking Louisiana food, going back to my roots with gumbo and jambalaya.

I enjoy giving back when I can. I do a lot for the GMOM and donated dental services programs. I also work with the Greater Atlanta Dental Foundation, serving on its board and as chair of the Gala Committee, planning the Gala for Smiles. This event is an annual fundraiser for the Northern District and foundation and supports clinics in the metro-Atlanta area. Attending is a great way to give back if you don’t have the time to physically volunteer!

Education/Work: I completed my undergraduate degree in chemistry at Lousiana Tech University, and then attended dental school at LSU in New Orleans. I took chemistry in college because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life – I wanted to do medicine of some sort, and my family dentist convinced me to try out dentistry. I graduated in ‘94 from dental school, and moved to Georgia in 1996 during the Olympics. I worked as associate for a couple years before I bought my practice in 1997 in Dunwoody. I’ve now been practicing general dentistry in Dunwoody for 20 years, and my practice has two hygienists, one assistant and two front office staff.

Organized dentistry: I was always a little involved in dental school. I was president of my class in dental school and always liked to try to keep our group together and involved. So when I settled in here in Georgia, I joined the Northern District, GDA and the ADA. I started becoming more involved when Dr. Brad Greenway and Dr. Bob O’Donnell invited me to a couple of district meetings. Now, I’ve been involved for 15 years, and have been a member of both the Gala and Governmental Affairs committees because I wanted to do more than just paying my dues. With our profession undergoing constant change, I think getting involved and voicing your opinion is so important for our practices and the patients we treat. I hope to get more people involved in NDDS so that we can support each other. With everything changing in the healthcare world, we all need to be active and stick together.

On the Northern District: We have a huge a district. It covers the area from Hall County and Gainesville south to Fayetteville and Peachtree City. We have great members and dentists in our district, as well as great events, from our Gala for Smiles to Legislative Receptions to CE courses and membership meetings. It’s fun to interact with our members and socialize at these gatherings, since we don’t get to see each other during the day.

The Year Ahead: I hope to get more members involved. Understanding that our district is so large and has some challenging traffic, I want to set up different CE and membership events on both the north and south sides of Atlanta, so that more people can attend and we can increase member involvement throughout the year.

I also hope to have another successful Gala for Smiles, and to assist clinics in providing care to underserved members of our community.

Finally, I want to get our members’ feedback to learn what they want from our district. I want our members to reach out to us – we have open ears – with what they want to see NDDS incorporate this year and in the future.