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Uncertainty in the 2018 Health Care Exchange

GDA’s Group Health Insurance Provides Adds the Certainty You Need
In August, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia announced it will be leaving the individual
health insurance market in many counties—including large metro areas like Fulton and
Clayton counties. In total, the insurer is leaving 74 Georgia counties, which will leave
many Georgians with limited choice and high rates for their 2018 health insurance.

“Citing federal uncertainty, Blue Cross Blue Shield will not offer individual health insurance coverage in metro Atlanta in 2018, the company said Monday. And it came perilously close to withdrawing entirely from Georgia’s individual market, documents show, but decided to stay in the state after intense negotiations.”
—Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 7, 2017

“Even now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has filed notice it intends to pull out of the individual market in 74 of Georgia’s 159 counties, specifically citing the uncertainty over the subsidies. If there’s no more certainty by fall, it has reserved the right to pull out of even more counties. The insurer has filed plans to raise its rates by some 40 percent, again citing the uncertainty.”
—Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 15, 2017

Prior to making this announcement, it was widely reported that the insurer proposed raising rates an average of 40.6% in Georgia’s exchange. Additionally, uncertainty
regarding subsidy payments to insurers might affect rates on the state exchange

“It’s widely anticipated that insurers would jack up premiums or exit the Obamacare markets altogether if the subsidies, worth about $7 billion this year, are eliminated. Insurance premiums for the most popular Obamacare plans would likely rise by 20 percent next year if the payments are stopped, according to a Tuesday CBO analysis.”
—Politico, August 16, 2017

The 2018 Health Exchange is still uncertain, and it’s hard to tell how high rates may rise, or what kind of coverage will be available through the marketplace. But as a GDA
member, you’re eligible for enrollment in GDA’s Group Health Plan, which can give you,
your family, and your team peace of mind.

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Did you know that GDA Plus+ Insurance/GDIS offers competitive, comprehensive group health plans for GDA members? 

GDA will be offering three Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to GDA members, families and staff. Although BCBS will not be offering individual plans in metro-Atlanta, group health plans like ours will not be affected. 

Open enrollment for 2018 is scheduled to begin on October 16.

Visit to learn more about why members are switching to GDA group health plans, and to sign up for rate information as soon as it arrives.