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Get Covered: Open Enrollment is Here

Through December 1, renew or sign up for GDA health plans, which offer the same great broad network coverage.

Right now, average rate increases for less comparable plans on Georgia's exchange can be as high as 57%, but GDA's group health plans will see only a minimal average increase.

This year the individual health insurance market is especially volatile. You may have seen in the news that insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield have left the individual market in over 70 Georgia counties, and insurers have requested even higher premium increases than in 2017.

As a Georgia Dental Association member, you don't have to navigate the unpredictable individual health insurance market. 

Instead, through your association, you, your family and your dental team have access to the GDA Group Purchasing Power of a group health plan.

Get peace of mind with 
GDA Group Health Plans.
  • Choose from three comprehensive plans: POS 500, POS 2500, and POS HDHP
  • Rates are guaranteed for one year - no surprise increases or cancellations
  • No age-banding, no medical enrollment questionnaires
  • Broad networks for access to desired specialists and hospitals
  • Attentive, personal customer service
  • No minimum number of plan enrollees
Competitive GDA group plan provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield with a modest 6.3% average increase over 2017 rates.

Ask Your Questions in Live Webinars

Live webinars: 

  • Wednesday, October 25 at 12 pm 
  • Monday, November 6 at 12 pm 
Can't make a live webinar? Watch a recording:

Open enrollment for your family and staff is available through December 1, 2017.