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Dedicated GDA Member Changes Lives through Donated Dental Treatment

Antonio + Dr. Troy H. SchulmanAntonio is a friendly, 59-year-old who lives in the Atlanta area. He walks regularly
and works out to keep his bones strong and his mind sharp even though it’s difficult for him because of his arthritis. Before his early retirement due to his health, he worked in the food services industry. Antonio has multiple disabilities and health issues including degenerative joint disease of the cervical spine and osteoarthritis in his knee. In addition, his oral health was poor—many of his teeth were loose and decayed. Antonio’s physician recommended immediate dental treatment due to risk of infection.

“From start to finish, the entire process of getting my new dentures was awesome! My new dentures are great and my smile confidence is sky-high! My heartfelt thank you!”
– Antonio, DDS patient

Antonio submitted an application to the Georgia Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, a program of Dental Lifeline Network • Georgia (DLN • GA). The program helps people like Antonio who have a disability, are elderly or are medically fragile and is operated in partnership with the Georgia Dental Association. Once Antonio was determined eligible, he was matched with DDS volunteer dentist Dr. Troy H. Schulman.

“Antonio was a delightful patient. The experience was positive from beginning to end. He was always on time for appointments, cooperative regarding his treatment plan and expressed his appreciation often,” said Dr. Schulman.

The treatment plan developed by Dr. Schulman involved extractions, a full upper denture and lower partial denture for Antonio. With the help of DDS volunteer oral surgeon Dr. Richard Walls and Pittman Dental Laboratory, Antonio was on track to get his smile back!

“For me it’s a no brainer. Helping someone truly in need is so rewarding and fulfilling. I would sign up again immediately!”
– Dr. Troy H. Schulman

DLN • GA was established in 2016 with the endorsement and financial support of the Georgia Dental Association and has served more than 185 patients thanks to 145 dentists and 61 dental laboratories in Georgia that volunteer.

“There is no better way to give back to your community and the people of Georgia than through seeing a DDS patient,” said Dr. Richard Weinman, DLN • GA Leadership Council Chairman. “You can help change a life. Seeing just one patient is not only personally rewarding, but your entire office will also appreciate the experience,” Weinman added.

Antonio is just one example of the many DDS patients in Georgia who need help with their dental conditions. Will you consider joining other Georgia DDS volunteers to help some of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents who have no access to dental care? More than 295 people statewide are waiting for treatment and DDS is unable to accept any more applications at this time because of the long waitlist. You can help by treating one
patient per year or as many as you choose.

“There is no shortage of dentists in Georgia but still the needs of our underserved populations often go unmet. By signing up with DDS it’s easy for dentists to give back. You can see the patient in your own office and use the equipment and materials you
are comfortable with and the DDS Coordinator will even find specialists and labs for you if needed. They make it so easy and I find it especially valuable for dentists
like myself operating a solo practice,” Dr. Schulman added.

Georgia DDS Program Coordinator Martha Lagrone is housed in GDA’s Atlanta office. She screens patients to determine eligibility; coordinates involvement of specialists and laboratories; and serves as a liaison between dental practice staff, laboratories, and patients.

“The more dentists that volunteer, the more people DDS can help. Will you see one patient this year?” asks Dr. Weinman. To volunteer, contact Martha at or go to

DLN • Georgia is part of a national organization, Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association. More than 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,500 laboratories participate in DLN’s DDS programs nationwide. For more information, visit