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Why You Should Consider Purchasing Direct Brands

Did you know that there are high quality products made by brands that you may never have seen at your current distributor?

Direct brands might not be on your current buying list because they only sell directly to dentists or through GDA Plus+ Supplies. Some of these products are highly rated in the Clinician’s Report or in the ADA Professional Product Review—and the companies that make them prefer selling directly to consumers to keep their prices low.

At GDA Plus+ Supplies, you can find more than 60 direct brands. Here are three that come highly recommended:

exacta dental products EXACTA Dental

Company Description: EXACTA Dental is celebrating its 20th year in the dental industry. We are a direct manufacturer and supplier of dental products primarily focused on restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Notable Products: Some of the company’s best-known products include EXACTA Temp Xtra, FRESH Bold Impression Material, and EXACTA Trays.

Reviews: The CRA and Dental Advisor helped put us on the map 20 years ago with some great reviews and continue to do so with our latest CRA report in April 2017.

Shipping and Returns: EXACTA encourages customers to try any of our products, risk free. All of our products are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact customer service at (800) 474-7665. If you would like to return an item within 30 days of purchase, we will provide you with a complete refund (including any shipping charges).

dentalree product Dentalree

Company Description: Dentalree started in 2006, and since then has served thousands of customers in the US and Canada. Dentalree is an initial importer and distributor of quality dental rotary instruments made in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Eastern Europe. The company is the exclusive North American distributor for many of the products that we carry, such as our popular Crosstech diamond burs. At Dentalree, we focus on quality and have carefully selected an array of products with excellent quality from all over the world.

Notable Products: Dentalree carries Crosstech Diamond burs, rated #1 by independent nonprofit dental education and product testing foundation as well as two lines of carbide burs made in US and Canada. We also offer you German and Swiss solutions to work with Zircon Oxide and Lithium Disilicate, and many more excellent products for you to choose from.

Reviews: Crosstech diamond burs were rated the #1 multi-use diamond burs by an independent non-profit dental education and product test foundation in the US.

Shipping and Returns: Dentalree will accept returns or exchanges for six months. All returns older than six months will require a 15% restocking charge. No returns will be accepted after one year from original ship date.

prophy magic productProphyMagic

Company Description: Prophy Magic is a direct company that provides superior products and service to the dental industry. With over 20 years of experience in disposable dental products, Prophy Magic has grown into a major contributor to the dental industry.

Notable Products: Prophy Magic has recently introduced the Mystic Cup Prophy Angle, an ergonomic prophy angle that facilitates interproximal cleaning as it increases polishing efficiency.

Reviews: PM has earned a number of awards for excellence within its product line up including the esteemed CR Choice on their prophy angle line (Clinician’s Report, June 2015). In the review, Prophy Magic was rated the lowest cost and highest rated among the top 16 brands surveyed.

Shipping and Returns:

1. No returns will be accepted after 30 days of original invoice date.
2. Any item that has been introduced to the oral cavity will not under NO circumstances be accepted for return/exchange/credit.
3. No used, old or discontinued item will be accepted for credit under any conditions.
4. All credits given will exclude freight charges.
5. Products being returned must be in original packaging or packed in a way in which the return shipment will not affect the item.

Pricing information was collected in January 2018 and may fluctuate some by the time of printing.