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A message from the GDA Convention & Expo Chair

monicha and david drewIt’s all about the relationships, plain and simple.

Take away our spiritual, family, professional and social relationships and we’re left with… nothing.

Over the past 28 years, Monicha and I have been fortunate to cultivate many long lasting relationships through the GDA and the Annual Convention.

Thanks to Drs. Howard Jones and Jeff Lindsey, we quickly became active in local and state organized dentistry right from the start. It was never a matter of asking if we wanted to go to a GDA function, as much as a call to say, “Be ready; we’re coming by to pick you up.” They both have been great mentors as well as friends throughout our careers. It just goes to show you that no matter how amazing social media and technology is, it’s not nearly as powerful as personal relations.

If you haven’t had a chance to cultivate the same kinds of relationships with other GDA
members, you can start this summer.

the drews at the gda conventionCome to the Convention & Expo and participate with your colleagues! You can attend continuing education, sit in on the House of Delegates, enjoy the beautiful Ritz Carlton beachfront, play golf or tennis, go deep sea fishing, and lots more.

Invite a colleague that has never attended. Take a new member out to lunch or dinner. Cultivate the relationships that make our association the best of the best. You might even have the chance this year to fulfill your dream of being a rock star (keep an eye out for more details later).

We are all in this together. Use this opportunity to get more involved.

Be that person that says, “I’m coming by to pick you up.”

– Dr. David Drew, GDA Convention & Expo Chair