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Mission of Mercy: How One Patient Regained His Voice

Ronald DavisRonald Davis waits patiently until his name is called. He enters the dental clinic filled with hope. For months, a severe toothache made it painful to move his mouth to talk or sing. An aspiring songwriter, Ronald heard about a Mission of  Mercy program taking place in his city and said, “I’ve got to be there.” After a consultation, X-rays and an extraction, he is filled with hope. Now that he can sing without pain, he plans to pursue his dream of being a song writer.

This August, dentists from around the state will meet in Augusta, Georgia to provide charitable dental care to thousands of patients in need like Ronald. Over the course
of two days, members of the dental community will perform approximately 10,000 dental procedures valued at $1.7 million of donated dental care through the Georgia Mission of Mercy, a program of the Georgia Dental Association Foundation for
Oral Health.

Planning for an event of this magnitude takes time, money and a team of volunteers committed to making it happen. While the event is still months away, the planning committee has been hard at work for over a year. This past January, planning committee members attended the Mid-South Mission of Mercy to share and exchange ideas that could possibly be applied in Georgia.

GMOM 2018 will be the fourth event held in our state since its introduction in 2011. Last month, other members of the planning committee traveled to Florida to observe the Mission of Mercy event there.

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