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How Insurance Saved Alma and Greg's Wedding

How Insurance Saved Alma and Greg’s Wedding

Plan your wedding with peace of mind
Greg planned a huge family gathering at his place. Both his family and Alma’s family were there. After dinner, Greg gathered everyone in the living room and proposed to Alma. Everyone was in tears. 

The following week, Greg and Alma stopped by his insurance agent’s office to discuss combing their home and auto insurance, and to make sure their homeowner’s policy would cover the engagement ring. Their agent explained that yes, homeowner’s insurance can cover the ring but many policies have a combined limit of $1,500 for jewelry and other high valued possessions. She provided them with two options: either add an endorsement to their homeowner’s policy to cover the entire cost of the ring or buy a separate policy that covers the exact cost of the ring and their other high-valued items. 

While discussing insurance, Alma mentioned they were planning a destination wedding to Hawaii. Their agent suggested they purchase wedding insurance. She explained that in the event severe weather should cause them to postpone the wedding to a later date, wedding insurance would cover the cost associated with it. Since the policy cost less than $200, Greg and Alma decided to buy it. 
A week before the wedding, the weather forecast in Hawaii was clear and everything was falling perfectly into place. Excited, they flew to Hawaii a few days before their wedding day. When they arrived, Greg and Alma discovered that their luggage was lost. 

After waiting what seemed like hours, the airline representative told them that their bags were in another city, but they would do whatever they could to get their luggage to them before the wedding. Alma was upset. To make matters worse, Greg realized that the wedding ceremony rings were also in his luggage. Fortunately, he had purchased a wedding insurance policy.

After a few calls to their agent and the claims department, Alma and Greg received the replacement funds from the claim and were able to go out and buy new ceremony rings and a replacement wedding dress for Alma, just in time to say “I do.” 
This is an example of one of many things that can go wrong while planning your wedding. Wedding insurance can cover lost deposits, severe weather, the caterer cancels, ruined photos, spouse is called to duty, damaged gifts, sudden illness, venue goes out of business and much more.

Plan your wedding with peace of mind. Call your GDIS representative today to learn more about wedding insurance and to insure any high valued items you received over the holidays.

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