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Member Moments: Meet Dr. Hasim Momin

Learn about one member's GDA experience.
Dr Hasim MominThis column highlights GDA members talking about their path to dentistry and the value they find in GDA membership. This month, we hear from Dr. ​Hasim Momin in the ​​​​​Eastern District. 

How did you become a GDA member?
I joined GDA at the close of 2018. I wanted to be a part of an engaged network of dentists throughout the communities in Georgia so I can continuously be aware of the best models of dental practice, breakthrough research and innovation, promote dental advocacy as well expand my professional network. I was drawn to it as it gave me a sense that all the members are bonded together as they advocate for each other and share their challenges and triumphs among one another.

Who introduced you to GDA?
I was exposed to GDA during my early years in dental school. It was introduced to me as being the premier professional organization of dentists by my mentors. So, naturally I had to be a part of it.

What would you tell a dental student about GDA?
It is the platform for everything you need to build a satisfactory dental career from education to new science and research to advocacy, as well as enhancing public health in general. As dentists, we live a busy professional life. So, organizations such as GDA are imperative for one to be continuously aware of the changes and updates in the industry.

 Why is being part of a professional group important?
Well, there are so many reasons to join. Some of the most important ones are so that you can take charge of your career, enhance your network, broaden your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the changes that are taking place around you and be a part of group that advocates for you. Being a part of a professional group provides a sense of security and trust which is unparalleled to anything else.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I had always wanted to be a dentist deep down inside. Along the road however, I definitely had reconsiderations and thoughts about becoming a veterinarian, a game developer, and a physician. But, for the best reasons, the dentist inside of me always won the battle.

What was your first job?
Dairy Queen! At the age of 14, I was filling soft drinks and making ice cream blizzards at my uncle’s store and earning $10 a day. It was a long road from there. But it truly helped shape me into who I am today as I definitely did not want to be doing that for the rest of my life.

Why did you decide to become a dentist?
I was always known to be a perfectionist with keen eye for detail and exceptional hand eye coordination. The one profession in particular where this is extremely important is dentistry. And, do you know how many times you smile in a day? A lot. Having a beautiful smile and teeth is not only about esthetics, but more importantly about a person’s self-confidence. So, I was attracted to dentistry with the goal of restoring patients’ lives through their smile.

What advice would you give to an aspiring dental student?
Becoming a dentist is hard work, but practicing as one is even harder. It requires a lot of persistence, accepting constructive criticism, learning from mistakes, sleepless nights, long hours and much more. But, in the end it’s worth every drop of sweat as that smile you just gave someone melts both your hearts.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Family is very important to me. So, most of my weekends are dedicated to family time since the week is busy with professional obligations. I love doing outdoor activities, traveling, and when I don’t feel like doing anything, I simply watch TV and relax with my wife by my side.

Without saying "I am a dentist,” what would you say if someone asked, "What do you do?” 
I restore smiles and lives!

What is your all-time dream vacation?

Visiting the French Polynesia Islands (Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora) again. We went there for our honeymoon and I can’t wait to visit again. Words are unable to describes it’s picturesque and serene environment.

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