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PPE Supply Drive to Assist Local Hospitals

GDA Member Dentists Filling the Gap!

Given the vital role dentists play as healthcare providers in this state, GDA has received requests from several hospital systems asking for donations of PPE (personal protective equipment) for front-line medical providers. As communicated earlier, we encourage our members to donate excess, unused PPE to their local community hospital(s). GDA members have always been recognized for their commitment to their patients and local communities, so we are very happy to hear that many of our members across the state are already doing this. Please keep up the good work!

To assist with the GDA's communications and coordination efforts with these hospital(s), please submit the donation form whenever you make a donation of PPE and try to document it (e.g. take a photo or video) if at all possible.

GDA staff will send out more information on these requests as it is available, so please continue to check for updates.


Dr. Evis Babo                           Frank J. Capaldo
GDA President                         GDA Executive Director

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