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Georgia Board of Dentistry Update for Dentists and Dental Hygienists Seeking Licensure

On Friday, August 14, the Georgia Board of Dentistry held its monthly meeting via conference call.  Regarding applicants for dental licensure who have been unable to take CRDTS due to COVID-19, the Georgia Board of Dentistry (the “BOD”) has been actively engaged in trying to assist recent graduates and dentists who have relocated or wish to return to Georgia.  In response to concerns received from the GDA and the public, and in conjunction with an Executive Order issued by Gov. Kemp on August 15, the BOD established 2 temporary pathways for licensure, which are as follows: 

  • For 2020 Graduates, please view this announcement on the Georgia Board of Dentistry’s website: 

  • For other dentists:To aid the non-2020 grads, the BOD is currently reviewing licensure applications via its rule variance petition process*. At its August 14 conference call, the BOD decided to review such petitions on a case-by-case basis as long as:  
    • The applicant has been unable to take CRDTS due to COVID-19;
    • The applicant has previously taken and successfully negotiated adental clinical licensure exam involving a live patient; and
    • The applicant agrees to take and successfully negotiate CRDTS or another BOD approved exam once such exams are administered again.

*There may be additional criteria and stipulations included in the BOD’s rule variance petition process, so the GDA strongly recommends contacting the BOD to obtain more information.  To email the BOD’s Executive Director, Eric Lacefield, please go here.  The phone number for the BOD is: (404) 651-8000.