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New mask mandates have been issued in specific cities and counties to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant specifically. At present time, Governor Kemp has imposed no statewide mask mandate, but local government bodies have the authority to declare a local State of Emergency, which can supersede the lack of a statewide mask mandate in areas where COVID-19 transmission rates are at “high” or “substantial” levels. 

To check your current, local transmission rates, please go here:

Below are the current masking rules for City of Atlanta, City of Savannah, and Dekalb County. This is a rapidly developing situation, so please continue to monitor your emails for additional GDA advisories.

City of Atlanta

  •  Are dental practices subject to the Indoor Mask Requirement?

    Yes. The City of Atlanta is currently classified as an area where COVID-19 transmission is “high” or “substantial” pursuant to the CDC guidelines.  The mandate applies to any private business, establishments, corporations, non-profit corporations, or organizations, including dental practices located within City of Atlanta limits.

  • How do I determine if my dental practice is subject to the Indoor Mask Requirement?

    Find out if you or your dental practice are in city limits here:

  • Are there exemptions to the mandate?


    1. When the individual has a bona fide religious objection to wearing a facial covering or mask;
    2. When a licensed healthcare provider has determined that wearing a facial covering or mask causes or aggravates a health condition for the individual or when such person has some other bona fide medical reason for not wearing a facial covering or mask;
    3. Children under the age of ten (10) years;
    4. When the individual cannot don or remove a face mask or face covering without undue assistance.
City of Savannah
  • Are dental practices subject to the Indoor Mask Requirement?

    It depends.  The wearing of a mask is required for all persons entering a building owned or occupied by the City of Savannah; early childhood, elementary, and secondary institutions; hospitals, and while a passenger on any federally regulated transportation.

    Masks are strongly encouraged but not required in the following locations:

    1. Commercial establishments located within the City of Savannah.  This does not apply to religious establishments;
    2. All persons occupying vehicles on guided tours;
    3. Restaurants, retail stores, salons, grocery stores, and pharmacies in the City while having face-to-face interaction with the public.
  • Are there exemptions to the mandate?

Yes :

  1. When a person is alone in an enclosed space or only with other household members
  2. During physical activity, provided the active person maintains a minimum of 6 feet from other people with whom they do not cohabitate
  3. While drinking, eating, or smoking
  4. When wearing a face covering causes or aggravates a health condition
  5. When wearing a face covering would prevent the receipt of personal services; and
  6. When a person is 10 years of age or younger.

DeKalb County
On July 21, 2020, DeKalb County CEO, Michael Thurmond amended the mask ordinance passed by county commissioners on July 14, 2020. DeKalb County does not currently have an Executive Order which mandates the wearing of masks, only an ordinance. The ordinance requires masks to be worn in public places, with exemptions for outdoor exercise, driving, and people with underlying health issues. As of July 30, 2021, this ordinance is still in place, however not currently enforced by the County.

Please contact Emma Paris at 404.636.7553 x189 if you have additional questions