Prescribe with CareA GDA Initiative
GDA is Working to be Part of the Solution to the Opioid Crisis

What is the Georgia Dental Association doing to address the opioid crisis?

  • GDA is actively engaged in addressing the opioid abuse problem in Georgia
  • The GDA Prescribe with Care initiative was introduced in 2018 to help fight opioid abuse
  • Components of the program include education, collaboration and administrative rule making

The GDA Prescribe with Care initiative focuses on:


  • Presented statewide continuing education course for dentists on Georgia's new opioid prescriber requirements, which went into effect January 1, 2018
  • Established a continuing education course on safe and effective opioid prescribing for dental pain with multiple formats
  • Continuing to educate member dentists on opioid prescribing through webinars, articles in GDA Action magazine and other communications
  • Making educational resources available to dental patients and the public
  • Informing GDA members about the ADA’s Policy on Opioid Prescribing which lays out newrecommendations, rules and guidelines for dentists in Georgia and across the country
  • Providing resources for our members to use in conjunction with safe prescribing
  • Endorsing the ADA’s Statement on the Use of Opioids in the Treatment of Dental Pain


  • Collaborating with healthcare professionals, policy makers and the public by serving on opioid task forces
    • Attorney General Chris Carr's Statewide Opioid Task Force
    • Medical Association of Georgia's Opioid Task Force
    • Department of Public Health’s PDMP Working Group
  • Partnering with the Georgia Department of Public Health to monitor Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) registration numbers and assisting our members to register and use the PDMP
  • Working with the Georgia Board of Dentistry to increase awareness of registration requirements among all Georgia licensed dentists

Administrative Rule Making

  • Worked in conjunction with the Georgia Board of Dentistry to create a continuing education requirement as a component of licensure renewal on the prescribing of opioids, which is effective for the 2019 license renewal year

GDA members have access to a patient handout regarding safe practices around opioid use.

Download Opioid Info for Patients