About Leadership GDA

Leadership GDA is focused on assisting members grow into more knowledgeable confident leaders within the dental community as well as helping them cultivate other professional skills used in everyday life.  This program provides participants with a better understanding of the GDA and opportunities to develop valuable contacts and interpersonal relationships.  They will learn how to increase their involvement and what can be done to make a difference within organized dentistry.

Leadership GDA Class of 2018

What to Expect

<p>The Leadership GDA program begins in June.&nbsp; It will consist of webinars, conference calls, self-study, Spokesperson Training, at least 3 in-person meetings at the GDA office in Marietta and a few different elective opportunities, spread out over the course of six months.&nbsp; The program is designed by dentists for dentists in the hopes of educating and not overwhelming.&nbsp; While we encourage new dentists to apply for this program, all dentists with an interest in leadership and becoming more involved are welcome to apply.</p>


<p><strong>Need More Info or Want to Apply?</strong></p>
<p>If you have any questions or if you know someone you would like to nominate for participation, please contact Scott Piper (ScottP@gadental.org).</p>
<p>Please email all applications to Scott Piper (<a href="mailto:Scottp@gadental.org">Scottp@gadental.org</a>).</p>
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<span class="button-md"><a title="GDA Leadership Application 2018" href="/docs/librariesprovider16/default-document-library/gda-leadership-application--official.pdf?sfvrsn=6201848b_4" sfref="[documents|librariesProvider16]337ceadc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b">GDA Leadership Application 2019</a> (PDF)</span>